Guitarmaker Issue 41

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Tim Scheerhorn

Cover photo of a resophonic guitar by Tim Scheerhorn.

guitar, resophonic

ASIA Letters

Jay Hostetler, Norman Beberman

Hostetler says good-bye as ASIA president and encourages all members to participate in the organization. Beberman announces his Guitar Nation website to promote public awareness of handmade and custom guitars. With 2 photos.

symposium; event; ASIA; business

ASIA Workbench

Rick Davis

Discussion of current ASIA business, the 2000 symposium, and the June 2000 board meeting.

ASIA; Guitarmaker; symposum; event

Symposium 2001?

Announcement for upcoming Symposium 2001.

Symposium; event

Auction Results

Results of the Symposium 2000 fund-raising auction.

Symposium; event

Symposium 2000

13 captioned photos from the symposium.

Symposium; event

Evolution or Revolution

Tim Scheerhorn

Scheerhorn argues that today's resonators are revolutionary rather than evolutionary children of the original Dobros. Scheerhorn's guitars use solid wood (vs. plywood), and he replaces the soundwell with soundposts and baffles. With 6 photos.

guitar, resophonic

The Weissonator

Mike Dotson

Dotson combines a Hawaiin-style Weissenborn with a tri-cone resonator. To create a unique new instrument. With 9 photos (but one is a duplicate).

guitar, resophonic; guitar, Hawaiin


Randy Allen

Allen discusses his solid wood soundpost-style resonators then shares a number of his tooling ideas for building resonators. With 7 photos.

guitar, resophonic

David Giulietti, Engraver

Michael Simmons

Simmons describes the masterful engraving of David Giuletti With 7 photos (an 8th is on the back cover).

guitar, resophonic

Luthiers of England, Part II

Dan Erlewine

In this second of two parts, Erlewine and his wife visit six more English luthiers (Stuart Palmer, Guy Harrison, Ralph Brown, David Gregory, Peter Barton, Stefan Sobell, and Nial Cain) and Newark and Sherwood College. Many shop-made tools and jigs to savor. (Part I is in issue 40.) With 57 photos and 1 drawing.

biography; tools, jig; tools, shop-built; school; shop

Great Midwest Guitar Show

Announcement for the first Midwest Guitar Show.


Music Linked to Reduced Criminality

MuSICA Research Notes

Scientific study says that teens who are involved with music are less likely to run afoul of the law.


They Do It with Mirrors

Dan Erlewine

Use a three-secion folding mirror for great views inside your guitar. With 7 photos.

tools, shop-built

Mirrors, Magnets, Imagination

Dan Erlewine

Erlewine uses the three-section mirror and magnets to ease the repair of a cracked back brace. With 10 photos.

repair; tools, shop-built

No Stress Neck Jig

Tom Blackshear

Blackshear's jig and method for setting the neck angle on a Spanish-style guitar. With 10 photos.

tools, jig; tools, shop-built; process

Flow Manufacturing

Abe Wechter

Wechter introduces the idea of just-in-time manufacturing for the individual luthier. By not keeping large inventories of parts, you can save money and remain flexible. He recommends two books for further information.

business; factory; process

Marketing for Small Builders

Richard Johnston

Johnston makes insightful recommendations for luthiers who want to sell their guitars through stores, and tells you why you should want to. With 1 photo.

business; sales

Music, Business, and the Law

Sylvan Wells

Wells discusses who is liable if a customer damages one of your instruments.

business; law

New ASIA Board Members

Three new members are elected to the ASIA board.


ASIA Members

Roy Byrd, Sabrina Smith

Byrd expresses thanks for those who are helping him learn about guitar making. Smith announces three new technical guitar forums hosted by Acoustic Guitar magazine.



Guitarmaker asks for articles and announces topics for the next four issues.


King Biscuit Resonator Guitar

National Guitar Company

Closeup photo of a National resoponic guitar.

guitar, resophonic

“ASIA is an organization where you not only grow your skills, but grow your extended family. I have met so many wonderful, knowledgeable people through this organization.” ~Michael Dickinson, Martin Guitar