Guitarmaker Issue 39

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Nylon Strings—Tradition and Inovation

Richard Prenkert

Photo of a Richard Prenkert nylon string guitar.

guitar, nylon string

ASIA Letters

Edward Wood, Len Wood

Dick offers his method for bending sides in response to Beneteau's article in Guitarmaker 38. With 2 photos. Wood corrects the address for Custom Guitar Company.

bending; errata

ASIA Notes

Rick Davis

Update on Symposium 2000, request for members to participate in the ASIA survey, Umanov Guitars lookinf for a repair person, and the corrected phone number for Kleftoyannis instruments from Guitarmaker 38.

errata; symposium

Sergei deJonge

Sergei de Jonge

deJonge's method for building classical guitars is more intuitive than scientific. Here he enlightens on some of the details of his method. With 3 pictures.

guitar, nylon string

Tom Blackshear

Tom Blackshear

Blackshear, who believes fan bracing is the only way to go on classical guitars, offers his thoughts on the market, the tradition, and competition among classical players. With 4 photos.

guitar, nylon string

Tom Humphrey

Tom Humphrey

More important than tools or techniques, Humphrey believes that guitarmakers need a vision.He encourges us to find our vision and stop building traditiona guitars so we can advance the state of the art. With 6 photos and 1 drawing.

guitar, nylon string

Ken Hill

Ken Hill

Hill manufactures a guitar designed by Robert Ruck. It has extre sound ports and unusual fan braces. Hill also talks about other "modern" design trends in classical guitars. With 5 photos.

guitar, nylon string; sound port

The Henneken Concerto

Mrakku Henneken

Henneken creates a successful f-hole nylon-string archtop for a willing customer. With 4 photos.

guitar, nylon string; guitar, archtop

An Experimental Archtop Classical Guitar

Al Carruth

Carruth builds an experimental Marton 000-sized guitar with arched plates in an attempt to increase projection without sacrificing tone. Although not fully satisified with this first guitar, he says it can teach us a lot. With 2 photos.

guitar, nylon string; guitar, archtop

A 17-Inch Nylon String Archtop

Stephen Marchione

Marchione builds an f-hole nylon-string archtop. He got some of his ideas from a special 3/4-size Venitian cello he had seen. The owner says he prefers it to histraditional Spanish guitar. With 1 photo.

guitar, nylon string; guitar, archtop

Ted Berringer's Bracing Methods for His Nylon String Archtop

Stephen Regimba

Berringer has built several nylon-string archtops. Regimba describes Berringer's thinking and practice when bracing these guitars. With 3 photos.

guitar, nylon string; guitar, archtop

The Healdsburg Guitar Festival

Zach Taylor, Rick Davis

Brief description of the festival. With 24 photos.

event, review; business

Symposium 2000 Registration and Schedule

Rick Davis

Registration for Symposium insert and ASIA survey.

symposium; event

Symposium 2000 Registration and Schedule

Rick Davis

Announcement and schedule for the Symposium 2000.

symposium; event

Thoughts on Instrument Design

Fred Carlson

Calson, known for far-out instruments shares his thoughts on instrumetn design. He starts with as few limitations as possible (a guitar is a stringed instrument), then his design is wide-open from there. With 5 photos.


The Making of a Bamboo Guitar

Shigeto Nomura

Yamaha has tried a number of alternative materials. Here is the story of their production bamboo guitar. With 6 photos.


Preparing to Finish, Part II

Bryan Galloup

Following on from Guitarmaker 36, Galloup discusses spray equipment and nitrocellulose lacquer. Includes an ll-step finishing schedule and information on metallics and colors. With 7 photos.


Making Gut Strings

Grit Laskin

How gut strings are (were) made.

strings; history

In the Beginning: The Gig Is up

Joe Pickerelli

The joys and frustrations of opening a shop in town--electrical hookups, phone hook-ups, sign aproval… With 4 photos.

business; law

Making a Classical Bridge if Your're Really Clumsy

John Peter Barthell

Barthell's traditional-looking classical bridges are made up from several parts. No sawing or chiselling necessary. His method relies on jigs and a sanding disk. With 10 photos and 2 drawings.

bridge; guitar, nylon string; tools, jig

ASIA Members

Andrew Maer, Antenor Ramos

Maer, from Spain shows his second (classical) guitar. With 1 photo. Ramos, originally from Peru, shows a classical guitar with 7 small soundholes in the back. With 1 photo.

biography; sound ports

Member's Spotlight--The deJonges

Carl Kaufmann

The entire deJonge family builds guitars. Here is their story before they became famous. With 3 photos.



Ivan-Roger Sita

Photo of Jay Hargreaves' Kasha-inspired bass guitar.

guitar, bass; Schneider, Richard; Kasha

“ASIA is an organization where you not only grow your skills, but grow your extended family. I have met so many wonderful, knowledgeable people through this organization.” ~Michael Dickinson, Martin Guitar