Guitarmaker Issue 38

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David Nichols' "Showstopper" Dreadnought

David Nichols

Photo of Nichols' dreadnought covered head to toe in glorious abalone.

inlay; guitar, steel-string

Symposium 2000

Rick Davis

Announcement of the 2000 symposium held in Nashville.

symposium; event

Corrections to 1999 Directory

Rick Davis

A page full of corrections to the member directory printed in issue 37.

errata; directory

ASIA Letters

John Decker, Fred Carlson

Dr. Decker comments of issue 37 article on "Green Lutherie" and suggests peoplelook into Rainsong's graphite guitars. Carlson lauds issue 37 and writes about some of his interesting string instruments. With 2 photos.


Chuck Erikson--The Duke of Pearl

Tom Ribbecke

An interview with our industry's legendary shell supplier. A thorough and detailed account including the genesis of Abalam shell laminate. With 6 photos.

inlay; biography

Abalam: A Handcutter's View

Larry Robinson

Inlay artist, Larry Robinson, shares his thoughts on Abalam for handcutters. (as opposed to CNC cutting).

inlay; CNC

Inlay Materials and Artists

Two pages of shell suppliers, shell cutters, and inlay artists.


CAD/CAM, CNC, Abalam, and Casino Décor

Larry Sifel

Sifel writes about the history of Pearl Works, CNC inlay, and Abalam. With 2 photos.

inlay; CAD; CNC

A Visit to Malone: Paul Bordeaux and David Nichols

Rick Davis

The work, philosopy, and techniques of Larry Robinson and Paul Bordeaux. With 6 photos.


Then & Now--An Homage to CNC

Kevin Almeida

Almeida has cut miles of pearl by hand, but he believes the future belongs to CNC, and not just for inlay. With 4 photos.

inlay; CNC

Celebration of Inlay

Kevin Almeida, Olver Apitius, Paul Bordeaux, John Greven, Grit Laskin, David Nichols, Larry Robinson, Sheldon Schwartz, Larry Sifel, Judy Threet

23 captioned photos of beautiful inlays by Kevin Almeida, Oliver Apitius, Paul Bordeaux, John Greven, Grit Laskin, David Nichols, Larry Robinson, Sheldon Schwartz, Larry Sifel, and Judy Threet.


I Label My Engraved Inlsys "Art"

Grit Laskin

Laskin's inlays are never repeated and he uses each inlay to communicate ideas. Therefore, he considers them art, not just craft.


Reviews: Guitar Finishing Step-By-Step

Chip Wilson

Wilson calls this book "another necessary contribution to the ever-expanding literature of lutherie." With 1 photo.

book; review

(Mis)Adventures in Side Bender Construction

Marc Beneteau

Beneteau chronicles the ups and downs of trying to build the perfect side bender. With 3 photos.

tools, jig; tools, shop-built

The Neck Jig: Purpose and Progress

Dan Erlewine

The history, purpose, and application of the Stewart-McDonald neck jig by its inventor. With 13 photos.

tools, jig; tools, shop-built

In the Beginning: Toll Bridges

Joe Pickerelli

The repair/replacement of lifted bridges. With 3 photos.

repair; bridge

Some Thoughts on Apprenticeships

Ervin Somogyi

Somogyi's outline for paid helpers or apprentices. Be sure to read this if you are considering taking on help or looking to work for a guitar maker. With 1 photo.


ASIA Notes

Rick Davis, Daniele Chiesa

Announcements for Symposium 2000 and VIII International Guitar Festival. Chiesa, from Cremona, Italy, is looking for work in the U.S. or Canada. Controversy and clarification regarding member information included in the ASIA website.

event, ASIA

ASIA Members

Bobby Kleftoyanis, Chip Wilson, Sasa Radcic, Kamel Chenaouy, Carlo Doria, Patrick Hufschmid, Rick Rodgers, Mark McCallum

Kleftoyannis, who builds Greek bozoukis provides information on the history and construction of his instrument. Wilson provides background on his performing and lutherie. Radicic relocates from Bosnia to the U.S. Chenaouy announces his election to President of the French Guild of Luthiers. Doria, an Italian, and Hufschmidt, a Swiss, give their bios. Rodgers requests help with the music program in the Lutheran church, and McCallum shows four guitars he build of popsicle sticks while in prison. With 19 photos

bozouki; guitar, archtop; guitar, nylon string; guitar, electric; biography

Member Spotlight

Stephen Marchione

Marchione shares his passion for 16-inch archtops designed after Jim Hall's D'Aquisto.

guitar, archtop

Renee Karnes Banjo

Photo montage of Karnes' amazing banjo inlaid in a maritime theme.

inlay; banjo

“ASIA is an organization where you not only grow your skills, but grow your extended family. I have met so many wonderful, knowledgeable people through this organization.” ~Michael Dickinson, Martin Guitar