Guitarmaker Issue 40

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The Decade In Luthiery

Photo of Tim White's Chrysalis guitar.

guitar, inflatable

ASIA Letters

Tom Blackshear, Elderly Instruments, Joe Pickerelli, Ralph Novak, Julius VanderKople

Blackshear comments about sound ports on spanish guitars, Elderly Instruments announces a job opening, Pickerelli is looking for an apprentice, Novak is looking to sell his business, and VandeKopple lets us know that the Catgut Acoustic Society is putting renewed emphasis on guitar acoustics. With 1 photo.

sound ports; apprentice; business; acoustics

ASIA Notes

Rick Davis

Editor Davis waxes about communities in general and the luthier community in particular. With 1 photo.

ASIA; Guitarmaker; symposium; event

Technology and Dog Years

Bob Tayor

Taylor looks back on his guitar making experience over the last years. Of course technology was an important part of that experience. With 2 photos.


There Once Was a Time

Grit Laskin

Laskin looks back a little more than 10 years and recounts a wonderful story of how things were just before the "golden age of guitar making." With 1 photo.

humor; tools; tonewood; history; biography

My Life's Adventure with Richard Schneider

Jay Hargreaves

Hargreaves writes about his history with Richard Schneider and the Kasha-style guitar. With 3 photos.

Kasha; Schneider, Richard; history; biography

Submillennium Guitarpick Blues

Dick Boak

Boak attempts to "shed some light on the past, present and future ofluth-ing in this tenuous galaxy." With 3 photos.

history; humor; biography

A Quick Ten Years

Tom Ribbecke

Ribbecke offers his perspective on the last ten years of lutherie. With 1 photo.

history; biography

Thoughts for the Millennium

Linda Manzer

Manzer retells her own luthiery history over the last 25 years. With 4 photos.

history; biography

A Decade of Acoustic Change

Michael Dresdner

Dresdner's career over the last ten years has moved away from guitar making, but he's seen major changes in the field. With 1 photo.


Luthiers of England, Part I

Dan Erlewine

In this first of two parts, Erlewine and his wife visit six English luthiers (Bill Puplett, Sid Poole, Patrick Eggle Guitars, Jaydee Guitars, and Gordon-Smith Guitars). Many shop-made tools and jigs to savor. (Part II is in issue 41.) With 41 photos.

biography; tools, jig; tools, shop-built; shop

That Which Does Not Kill Us

Gary Zimnicki

Zimnicki is commissioned to build a Kasha/Schneider classical guitar, He chronicles his learning process, questions and insights he gained along the way. With 8 photos and 1 drawing.

Schneider, Ricahrd; Kasha; guitar, nylon string

Andy Manson's Talking Wood

Dan Erlewine

Erlewine heartily recommends this limited-edition 10-month diary of a luthier. With 2 photos

book; review

Guitars from Start to Finish

Robert Resnik

This 32-page book is aimed at simplifying the guitar making process so children can understand it, but it is pretty entertaining, even for adults. With 1 photo.

book; review

Journal of Guitar Acoustics

Walter Lipton

Lipton reviews the unabridged journal aimed at the science-minded luthier. With 1 drawing.

book; review

Looking Back as Far as I Can See

Frank Ford

A look at how things have changed in guitar repair over the last generation or so. Lots of details of "proper" and "improper" repairs. With 21 photos.

repair; history

Converting a Martelle Deluxe

Michael Greenfield

Converting a Martelle Hawaiin guitar made by Gibson to a fettted jumbo. With 14 photos.

repair; guitar, Hawaiin

Dusty Strings

Michael Greenfield

History and shop tour of harp maker Dusty Strings. With 18 photos.

harp; history; biography; shop

Member's Spotlight - Robert Steinegger

Robbert Steinegger

Brief autobiography of ASIA member Steinneger. With 1 photo.


ASIA Members

Elmo MacDonald

MacDonald shares a tip for cutting binding and purfling channels. With 2 photos.

tools; jig;

Harry F. Eibert's Harp-Uke

Harry Eibert

Why Eibert built a pair of uke-sized harp-guitars. With 3 photos.

guitar, harp; ukulele

The Sources of Counry Music

Thomas Hart Benton

Painting commissioned by the Country Music Hall of Fame.


“ASIA is an organization where you not only grow your skills, but grow your extended family. I have met so many wonderful, knowledgeable people through this organization.” ~Michael Dickinson, Martin Guitar