Guitarmaker Issue 35

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Refretting the Acoustic Guitar

Andrew de Lorey

Cover photo of Frank Ford stringing an acoustic guitar.



Sheldon Schwartz, Bernie Lehmann, Michael Allain, Pete Barry, Norbert Crespo, Frank Hedl, Brad Higgins, Bill Hollenbeck

Schwartz shares three photos of his guitar "Bathing Beauty" that was displayed at the '97 symposium. Lehmann shares his appreciation for the symposium. Allain thanks David Berkowitz for establishing the James Rickard scholarship. Barry, Crespo, Heidl, and Hollenbeck share their thoughts on Guitarmaker and the symposium (with 2 photos from the symposium). Higgins gives a brief autobiography, mentions his patentend b-string bender and shares 2 photos of his acoustic guitar with a neck joined at the 17th fret.

inlay; symposium; Guitarmaker; biography

New Members

James Mapson, Andy Barth, Doug Somervell, Tony Graziano

New ASIA members share their bios and photos of their work. With 10 photos.


Member's Spotlight

Herbie van der Sant, Takahiro Shimo

van der Sant gives his bio and shows some of his favorte jigs. With 11 photos. Shimo gives hid bio and 3 photos of his instruments.

biography; tools, jig; tools, shop-built

But Does It Come with a Hardshell Case?

Larry Bernard

Scientists at Cornell University create the worlds smallest guitar (10 micrometers long). See photo in Guitarmaker 48.



Ervin Somogyi, Michael Dresdner

Somogyi rails against Dresdner's talk at the symposium (printed in Guitarmaker 34), and Dresdner responds. The debate revolved loosely around quality versus efficiency.

process; symposium; business

Situation Wanted

Danche Ivanovic, Pavel Bures

Two builders look for work in the U.S. Where are they now?


Fretting about Time

Frank Ford

Ford believes strongly in keeping track of your time. He illustrates this by detailing the the steps he takes in refretting a guitar. Along the way he tells how to make some of your own tools. He also talks about how he uses a computer to track his time and why. With 48 photos.

repair; business; fret; process

Shop-made Rosettes

Pete Barthell

Barthell uses a couple clever jigs to create classical guitar rosettes. He details the steps to glue up the rings, design and create the moasic logs, and then glue up the assembly on the soundboard. With 13 Photos.

rosette; tools, jig

A Symposium '97 Photo Essay

Brian Pickell, Jim Kreuger, Denis Scannel, Bill Holenbeck

18 captioned photos and a list of presenters from the 1997 symposium.


Shop Tooling

Bob Taylor

Taylor shows how to make a flycutter for cutting rosette channels and soundholes. With 8 photos.

tools, shop-made; rosette

Running the Busininess - Marketing 101

Cathy Currier

Getting the word our and building a good reputation. With 1 photo.


In the Beginning - Nuts!

Joe Pickerelli

Replacing a nut. With 4 photos.

repair; setup

Sound Advice - A Class Act

Michael Dresdner

Dresdner recounts some of the horror stories from a guitar repair course he taught. Scarier than Steven king, but some with happy endings.

shool; humor

The Luthier's Workbench - Converting a Gibson Roy Smeck Stage Deluxe, part III

Bryan Galloup

Final installment on converting a Gibson Smeck Stage Deluxe from lap guitar to a standard flattop. Covers adding frets and reshaping the bridge. Includes cost estimate. With 9 photos

repair; Gibson; guitar, Hawaiin; fret; bridge; business

Kerry Char's Reso-mando-cello

4 photos of Char's resophonic mando-cello

“ASIA is an organization where you not only grow your skills, but grow your extended family. I have met so many wonderful, knowledgeable people through this organization.” ~Michael Dickinson, Martin Guitar