Guitarmaker Issue 36

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Mark Campellone--Archtops in the Grand Tradition

Mark Campellone

Photo of a Campellone 17-inch Custom Series archtop

guitar, archtop

ASIA Letters

Paul Bordeaux, Adam Knowles, Roger Herring

Bordeaux announces he is opening his own inlay shop and gives his background. 19-year old Knowles has built 3 guitars and seeks guidance pursuing a career with a guitar manufacturer. Herring has built 8 acoustic guitars and 12 electrics while in prison. With 13 photos.

inlay; guitar, electric; biography

ASIA Members

Tom Johnson, Christopher Hill, Fernando Bernardo, Patrick Wilson, James Wilson

Each new member shares his biography. With 6 photos.


Members' Spotlight

Neil Harrel

Member Heil Harrel's biography.



Fabio Ragghianti

Ragghianti weighs in on the debate between Ervin Somogyi and Michael Dresdner from a previous issue of Guitarmaker


ASIA Notes

Rick Davis

Neil Harrel forms a luthier group in Cincinnatti. Abalam owners now require mention of their patent by guitar makers who use their product. The Healdsburg Guitar Festival returns. Three new ASIA board members are elected. With 3 photos.

ASIA; event; club

Mark Campellone--Archtops in the Grand Tradition

Carl Kaufmann

Campellone's quick rise to success. His archtop guitars are based on classic Gibsons. This article describes some of his philosophies and processes. With 8 photos.

guitar, archtop

Frank Finocchio's Archtop Guitar Making Course

George Leach

Leach learns to build an archtop in 8 days with 4 other students. With 4 photos.

guitar, archtop; school

Dr. Jeckyll Meets Mr. Hide (Glue)

Don MacRostie

How to choose and use hot hide glue. Includes instructions form making a glue pot. With 3 photos and 1 drawing.

glue; tools, shop-built

Shop Tour: Laskin Guitars

Grit Laskin

A virtual tour of Laskin's guitar making shop. With 8 photos.


The State of the Guitar

Dick Boak, Dana Bourgeois, Ren Ferguson, Chris Martin, Bob Taylor

A round table discussion from Symposium 1997. Participants discuss topics such as resources, alternate woods, marketing, bracing, and finishing. With 6 photos.

tonewood; business; symposium; process

Caught in the Web: Marketing the Work on the Internet

Rick Davis

Davis recounts his entry into Web-based marketing and offers tips for soing it yourself. With 1 drawing.


A Few Notes about Titebond

David Berkowitz

Is Franklin Hi-Tack better than Titebond, or are they the same thing?


Cape Forge Chisels

Rick Davis

Davis reviews custom-made Cape Forge chisels. With 1 photo.

tools, hareview; d

Slot It, Fret It Good


Rizzolo shares his technique for fretboard slotting using a slide-compound saw and Stewart-MacDonald templates.

tools, power; fret

Shop Tooling

Bob Tayor

How to dry problem wood without warping or cracking. With 3 photos.

tonewood; process

A Guitar Stringing Method

John Gilbert

Gilbert's improveed method for stringing a classical guitar. With 2 drawings.

guitar, nylon string; strings; process

Hint of the Month

Jay Darmstadtler

What to do with end pins you've replaced with jacks.


In the Beginning: Routine Setup 1976 Fender Stratocaster

Joe Pickerelli

Pickerelli recounts a routine cleaning and setup of a well used Strat.

repair; guitar, electric

Preparing to Finish, Part 1

Bryan Galloup

An introduction to spraying nitrocellulose lacquer. Includes info on how to set up a spray booth, and suggestions for personal protective gear. With 5 photos.

finishing; shop

Scavenging a Pin Router

Greg Deering

How a well-known banjo maker made his own pin router from a router and scrap yard parts. With 4 photos.

tools, shop-built; tools, power

A New Way to Repair a Badly Broken Neck

Neil Harrel

Repair of a Gibson L-7 with a neck broken off at the heel block. Includes info on a shop-built jig for clamping guitar bodies.With 6 photos.

repair; tools, shop-built

Randy Allen Resophonic Guitar

Steve Soulams

Photo of showpiece resophonic guitar with engraving by David Giulietti.

guitar, resophonic

“ASIA is an organization where you not only grow your skills, but grow your extended family. I have met so many wonderful, knowledgeable people through this organization.” ~Michael Dickinson, Martin Guitar