Guitarmaker Issue 34

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Jigs and Fixtures - A Marriage of Art and Ingenuity

Dick Ryan

Cover photos of some of Kevin Ryan's numerous jigs.

tools, jig


doug Degenhart

Degenhart gives an update on the state of Koa in Hawaii with 6 photos.


New Members

Noah Ura, Peter de Smeet, Henny van Ochten, Donald Radtke, Mickey Hoy

De Smeet shares his biography, mentions his influences, and includes 4 photos of his work. Van Ochten adds a few words about de Smeet. Radtke gives his bio, a photo, and suggests a couple topics for Guitarmaker articles. Ura and Hoy give their bios.


Member's Spotlight

Rick Rodgers

Rodgers gives his bio and thanks a number of luthiers who have aided him.



Bruce Morrison, Louisa Scott, Ken Dapron, Frank Finocchio, Randy Allen

Two Red Wing Technical College graduates seek work, Yamaha looks for an acoustic guitar product specialist, Finnochio teaches archtop guitar making, and Allen offers his fret slotting service

school; fret

Technical Tip

Ernst Pozar

Pozar extends Galloups peghead repair article (Guitarmaker 30) by adding splines to the break. With 6 photos.



Seth Lover, humbucker inventor, passes away. Santa Cruz Guitar Company celebrates 20 years.

biography; history

Jigs & Fixtures

Kevin Ryan

Jigmaster Ryan shares some of his philosophy, techniques, and a plethora of his favorite jigs. With 62 photos. If you like jigs, don't miss this article. This article has been reprinted in Issue 72, though the photos didn't reproduce as clearly as the original.

tools, jig; tools; power; process; business; bridge; bracing; fret; inlay

Gran Tour

Carl Kaufmann

The GRAN is a 12-string guitar with steel and nylon strings. This article describes it, some of the music played on it, and some of the challenges/opportunities for its builders. With 5 photos.

guitar, steel string; guitar, nylon string; soundboard

Video Review

Jim English

English reviews (and recommends) Bob Benedetto's 5 tape set "Archtop Guitar Design and Construction." With 1 photo.

review; video

Cigars & Suspenders

Michael Dresdner

Dresdner makes the case that luthiers have a moral obligation to make guitars as efficiently as they can. With 1 photo. See also Ervin Somogi's counterpoint in Guitarmaker 35.


Symposium '97 Schedule

Events, presenters, and performers scheduled for the '97 symposium. With 3 photos.


Shop Tooling - Carrying the (Welding) Torch)

Bob Taylor

Taylor makes the case for learning to weld so you can make your own tooling with several examples. With 7 photos.

tools, shop-made

Running the Business - Security and Protecting Yourself

Cathy Currier

Easy things to do that all luthiers/repairmen should do to protect themselves in the event of a catastrophy.With 1 photo.


In the Beginning - Using a Checklist

Joe Pickerelli

Using a checklist for repair estimates helps you avoid overlooking something that will cost you time or money. With 2 photos.

business; repair

Sound Advice

Michael Dresdner

Definition and how to calculate the "rum jug" resonance of a guitar. With 1 illustration.


The Luthier's Workbench - Converting a Gibson Roy Smeck Stage Deluxe, Part II

Bryan Galloup

This second installment (of 3) on converting a Gibson Smeck Stage Deluxe from lap guitar to a standard flattop covers removing/resetting the bridge and neck. With 16 photos

repair; guitar, Hawaiin; Gibson; bridge; tools, jig

Back Cover

Frankie Fan

Two works of art, a Sheldon Schwartz Guitar and a plane by Karl Holtey

“ASIA is an organization where you not only grow your skills, but grow your extended family. I have met so many wonderful, knowledgeable people through this organization.” ~Michael Dickinson, Martin Guitar