Guitarmaker Issue 33

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A Baritone Story

Front and back photos of Berkowitz' Koa baritone guitar featured in this issue.

guitar, baritone


Jeffrey Bonzek, Dave Cassotta, Stanley Lee Summer

Bonzek shares his bio and 2 photos of his headstock designs. Cassotta thanks Guitarmaker for Larry Robinson's inlay article (Guitarmaker 31) and Guitarmaker columnists. Summer praises Guitarmaker.

biography; inlay; Guitarmaker

New Members

Lewis Fowler, Rick Davis, Bob Miller, Sonny Thomas, Dave Gillard

Each new member provides his bio and photos of his work. 11 photos in all. Davis went on to become ASIA's executive director. Gillard shared a photo of his electric guitar with V frets. Never see another one!

biography; fret

Members' Spotlight

Jim Kreuger

Krueger shares his biography, including founding Canadian Guitar Collector Magazine. With 1 photo.



Lewis Fowler, Ken Donnell

Fowler suggests backing pearl with wood veneer before cutting to prevent breakage. Donnell suggests some advantages for using laminated sides on guitars. With 1 photo.

inlay; tonewood

Technical Tip

Oliver Apitius

Apitius tells us how he modifies fret-crowning files to prevent scratching the tops of his levelled frets. With 2 illustrations.

tools, shop-made

A Baritone Story

David Berkowitz

Berkowitz recounts the design issues he tackled it building a baritone guitar when few builders were making them. He discusses scale length, string selection, bracing, body size, bridge design, pickups, and so on. With 9 photos, 2 drawings, and 3 illustrations.

guitar, baritone; acoustics; design; bridge; bracing; pickup; setup

A Creative Repair

Ervin Somogyi

Somogyi uses his creativity to repair a mistake on four almost finished guitars. This man knows how to make lemonade. With 9 photos and 3 illustrations.

repair; inlay; business

Video Review - Intermediate Inlay Techniques

John Calkin

Calkin comments on Larry Robinson's first inlay video. With 2 photos.

inlay; video; review

Daedalus Cabinets

J. Arif Verner

Arif interviews Lou Hinkley, owner of Daedalus Cabinets. Hinkley shares his philosophy on building and marketing their high quality guitar amps. With 5 photos.

business; electronics; interview; biography

Richard Schneider - In Memoriam

Jey Hargreaves, David Berkowitz

Heargraves and Berkowitz remenisce and memorialize Richard Schneider who is known for his work with Dr. Michael Kasha on an alternative design for classical guitars. With 2 photos.

memorial; Kasha, Michael

The Mandolin Panel - Symposium '95

Steve Anderson, Oliver Apitius, Mike Kemnitzer, Steve Carlson

Carlson moderates the other three authors in a mandolin discussion panel at Symposium '95. Discussion includes each builder's history, philosophy, how they build, marketing, wood selection, and finishing. With 8 photos.

mandolin; symposium; biography; sales; business

Smithsonian Guitar Exhibit

Cindy Benedetto

Benedetto reports on a wonderful exhibition at the Smithsonian titled "Electrfied, Amplified, and Deified - The Electric Guitar: Its Makers and Players. (Reprinted from Just Jazz Guitar.) With 3 photos

guitar, electric; guitar, archtop; event

Shop Tooling - Making a Side Bender

Bob Taylor

Taylor discusses various aspects of the side bender such as material selection, construction, and mounting to a wall or pedestal. With 5 photos and 3 illustrations.

tools, jig; tools, shop-made

Running the Business - Parts is Parts

Cathy Currier

Currier shares her experience stocking and selling guitar parts in her store. Suggests how you might want to approach handling guitar parts. With 1 photo.


In the Beginning - The Safety Maze

Joe Pickerelli

Reading safety labels and material safety data sheets to protect your health. With 2 illustrations.

health; safety

Sound Advice

Michael Dresdner

Dresdner's thoughts on the purpose of bridges, how they work, and how they might be improved. With 1 illustration.


The Luthier's Workbench - Converting a Gibson Roy Smeck Stage Deluxe, Part I

Bryan Galloup

This first installment (of 3) on converting a Gibson Smeck Stage Deluxe from lap guitar to a standard flattop gives a little how and why of the conversion then covers removing the neck. With 12 photos

repair; inlay; business

Book Review - The Gretsch Book

Jim English

English (a self-proclaimed Gretsch fan) raves about "The Gretsch Book." With 1 photo.

review; book

Back Cover

Melly Guitars

Photo of two Melley classical guitars built in the Kasha/Schneider tradition

guitar, nylon string; Kasha

“ASIA is an organization where you not only grow your skills, but grow your extended family. I have met so many wonderful, knowledgeable people through this organization.” ~Michael Dickinson, Martin Guitar