Guitarmaker Issue 28

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Taylor Guitars in Alternative Woods

Cover photo of four Taylor guitars with back/sides of pau ferro, mesquite, myrtle, and imbuya.



Jamon Zeiler

Zeilor recounts his acquisition and restoration of Jimmy Proctor's 1948 Martin D-28. With 1 photo.


New Members

Eldon Whitford, Bruce Petros

Each author talks briefly about his luthiery. With 3 photos (1 from each author).


Members' Spotlight

John Roeder, Steve Grimes, Mark Wescott

Roeder describes a zither he built and gives sources for zither info and supplies. Grimes and Wescott give brief bios. With 4 photos and 1 drawing.

biography; zither


William Cumpiano, Ivon Schmukler

Leeds Luthiery School scheduled to open.


Help Wanted

Roger Sadowsky, Cynthia Bridges

Sadowsky Guitars is looking for full-time employees. Gibson/Montana looking for a repair person.


Positions Wanted

David Jackson

Jackson, who just graduated from South Plains College, is looking for work on the East Coast.



David Sobel

Sobel is looking to buy an established music store.


The Taylor Guitar Factory

Bob Taylor

A shop tour of Taylor Guitars. See how Taylor builds guitars and how long they spend in each category. Even with their CNC capability, they still rely heavily on skilled labor. With 13 photos.

tools, power; tools, jig; business; CNC; shop; process

The Pikasso Guitar

Linda Manzer

Manzer describes the design and building of her most famous creation. Although brief, article includes construction details and photos not seen anywhere else. With 8 photos.

design; guitar, steel string

James D'Aquisto: In Memoriam

John Monteleone

Monteleone remenisces and memorializes James D'Aquisto who is known for his archtop guitars. With 1 photo.

memorial; guitar, archtop

Repairing Gibson Flat-Tops

Dan Erlewine

An excerpt from "Gibson's Fabulous Flat-Top Guitars," this article covers some of the repair issues unique to Gibson guitars and offers tips on repairing them. With 14 photos and 1 drawing.

repair; Gibson

Book Review: Things About the Guitar

William Cumpiano

Cumpiano recommends this book by and about Jose Ramirez III and his thoughts on classical guitars.

review; book

Symposium '95 Detailed Scheduled

Detailed schedule of events for the '95 Symposium. With 5 photos.


Duane Waterman, Guitar Builder

Yuri Dmitrievsky

Long and detailed interview with guitar maker Waterman. Starts with a discussion of acoustic bases, and progresses through most aspects of classical guitar building and philosophy including tips on interacting with customers and selling.

interview; biography; guitar, classical; guitar, steel string; design; business; guitar, bass; bracing;

Guitarmaker Odds & Ends

Bryan Galloup announces the 2nd Annual Northwoods Building and Repair Seminar. Mike Longworth retires and sells his stash of Martin stuff. Martin Guitar announces a special edition guitar celebrating Sing Out!s 40th anniversary. With 1 photo and 1 graphic.


Shop Tooling

Bob Taylor

A table of universal fret spacing based on a 1-inch scale. Includes instructions for use.

design; fret

Running the Business

Cathy Currier

Educating the customer on why some guitars cost more than others. Also how to take care of their instruments including watching out for humidity and travelling with guitars..


The Luthier's Workbench

Bryan Galloup

Making a bridge plate cap for when replacing a bridge plane is not needed or undesirable. With 5 photos.

repair; bridge

Symposium '95 Short Schedule

A one page condensed version of the '95 symposium schedule


Jamon Zeiler guitar built for Sara Hickman

Jamon Zeiler

Back cover photo of Jamon Zeiler's guitar he built for recording artist Sara Hickman

guitar, steel string

Steve Grimes and Ned Steinberger's GS Guitar

Steve Grimes, Ned Steinberger

Back cover photo of Steve Grimes and Ned Steinberger's Stress-Free Acoustic Guitar

collaboration; design; guitar, steel string

“ASIA is an organization where you not only grow your skills, but grow your extended family. I have met so many wonderful, knowledgeable people through this organization.” ~Michael Dickinson, Martin Guitar