Guitarmaker Issue 27

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Gibson Monarch Guitar

Cover photo of a Gibson Monarch Guitar (an elaboration of the J-200) built in the Gibson/Montana custom shop.

guitar, steel string


Jay Lundell

Lundell offers tips on how Guitarmaker can better serve its readership.


New Members

Kamel Chenouay, Steven Hoagland, Bruce Pritchard

Each author talks briefly about his luthiery. With 4 photos.


Members' Spotlight

Jim Stagnitto, Dan Williams, Kaz Krawczak

Each author talks briefly about his luthiery. With 6 photos.



A.B. Acker

Acker offers corrections to his fret spacing program from issue 24 and comments on John Ryon's criticisms in issue 25.

errata; fret

Help Wanted

Larry Heinemann, Brian Moore

Blue Man Group seeks an adventurous builder for their unique instruments. Brian Moore Custom Guitars is lookinf for experienced help.


Positions Wanted

Jack Burden, Filippo Avignonesi

Burden and Avignonesi, both young luthiers seek permanent positions. With 1 photo (of Burden).


The Gibson/Montana Custom Shop

Eldon Whitford

A detailed look at the relatively new Custom Shop at Gibson/Montana told in an interview with John Walker, Supervisor. How it started, how it works, why it has succeeded. With 8 photos.

interview; biography; Gibson; business

Luthier Judy Threet

Judy Threet

Canadian luthier Threet gives her biography and a shop photo-tour. 18 photos.

biography; shop; tools, jig; tools, shop-built

Manufacturers Forum

Chris Martin, Bob Taylor, Ren Ferguson, Willi Fritscher, John Page

Representatives from Martin, Taylor, Gibson, Guild, and Fender discuss wide-ranging topics in guitar manufacturing: supply, inventory, personnel, business culture, tooling, finishing, marketing, schooling, innovation -- everything! 19 pages. With 4 photos.

symposium; business; finishing, school; factory

January NAMM

Arif Verner

Verner visits the 1995 National Association of Music Merchants show in Anaheim California.


Guitars Stolen

Judy Threet

Six guitars were stolen from Threet's shop. Description and serial numbers provided.


Book Review: Gibson Guitars, 100 Years of an American Icon

Walter Carter

Carter ultimately describes the "Gibson Guitars: 100 Years of an American Icon" as a must have.

review; book; Gibson; history

Guitar Course Announcement

The Luthier's Workshop announces a seven-day intensive steel string kit-building course taught by Thomas Knatt and Alan Carruth in Waltham Mass.


Help Wanted

C.F. Martin is looking for an R&D Manager.


Customer Relations

John Kitakis

Kitakis gives pointers for good customer relations. With 1 photo.


Odds & Ends

William Cumpiano and Ivon Schmukler announce the start of One Cottage Street School of Fine Woodworking. Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery announces their 1995-1996 class schedule. William Cumpianl wins a National Endowment for the Arts grant for the "Puerto Rican Quatro Project." The Craft Center in Smithville, Tennessee offers a dulcimer making workshop. ASIA announces Jimmy Bruno to perform at Symposium 95. ASIA notes the passing of Bob Alenko of Nashville.

school; cuatro; symposium; memorial

Tech Tip

David LaPlante

La Plante shows how to modify a common Sears bit to make a bearing-guided binding bit from. With 1 drawing.

tools, shop-built

Wood Day at Cantebury Shaker Village

Dave Emerson

The Cantebury Shaker Village hosts an annual woodworking celebration. In 1995, musical instrument making will be among the featured crafts.


Shop Tooling

Bob Taylor

Taylor kicks off a series of columns with a tooling philosophy, sources for ideas, and some details for drilling jigs. With 5 illustrations.

tools, jig; tools, shop-built

Whimsy Before Breakfast

Michael Dresdner

Questioning tradition enough to allow for improvements in guitar making.

design; humor

Running the Business

Cathy Currier

Currier discusses adding retail merchandise to your business mix.


Two Guitars by John Reuter

John Reuter

Photos of two guitars by John Reuter. One is a double neck 6- and 12-string acoustic. The other if a koa resophonic cutaway.

guitar, resophonic; guitar, steel strng

“ASIA is an organization where you not only grow your skills, but grow your extended family. I have met so many wonderful, knowledgeable people through this organization.” ~Michael Dickinson, Martin Guitar