Guitarmaker Issue 26

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Bourgeois Jumbo OM

Dana Bourgeois

Cover photo of matching Bourgeois Jumbo OMs

guitar, steel-string


Flip Scipio, Brian Sheffer, Vic Germaniuk, Mark Moye

Scipio thanks Dick Boak for his work at ASIA. Schaeffer seeks advice on marketing for his fledgling custom shop. Germaniuk seeks advice on starting a local guild. Mark Moye renews his membership. With 2 photos of unusual instruments at Mandolin Brothers.

ASIA; business; club

New Members

Jean Claude Lebraud, Yuri Shiskov, Doug Naselroad

Each author talks briefly about his luthiery. With 3 photos.


Members' Spotlight

Tom Nechville, Charlie Vasta, Jamon Zeiler, Sheldon Schwartz

Each author talks briefly about his luthiery. With 5 photos.



Tom Humphrey

Humphrey offers his way to tell if a piece of wood is long grain or short grain. This is a follow-up to Graig Carter's tip in issue 24. With 5 illustrations.


Help Wanted

Dana Bourgeois

Bourgeois Guitars looking for qualified production personnel


Luthier Dana Bourgeois

Carl Kaufmann

History and tour of one-year-old Bourgeois Guitars. Read about their philosophy, see some of their toos and employees, and their plans for the future. With 9 photos.

biography; history; factory; tools, jig; design; shop

Classical and Flamenco Guitars

Grit Laskin

Lasking compares classical guitars to flamenco guitars at a high level. Covers materials, dimensions, action, etc. With 3 photos.

guitar, nylon string

Symposium 95 Information

Tentative schedule of events for the 95 Symposium.


Making an Archtop Guitar

Bob Benedetto

Chapter five of Benedetto's book "Making an Archtop Guitar." This chapter is on bracing the soundboard.With 11 illustrations and 5 photos.

guitar, archtop; soundboard; bracing

Odds and Ends

Charles Fox, Sun Peng

American School of Lutherie 1995 Schedule. Guitars stolen from Carlos Santana. China announces the Sound, Light, and Music Exhibition. Fine Woodworking lowers prices on their videos (did you know they used to be $40?). 20th Century Guitar magazine goes monthly.

school; event; video

Book Review: Making Master Guitars

Ervin Somogyi

Somogyi finds much fault with the writing and the accuracy of the plans in this book. The author rebuts many of his comments in a follow-up letter. With 1 photo.

review; book; guitar, nylon string; history

Book Review: The Art of Inlay

David Nichols

Nichols approves of Robinson's efforts. With 1 photo.

review; book; inlay

Electric Guitar Forum

Roger Sadowsky, Mike Stevens, Joe Glaser, John Page

Transcription of a panel discussion at Symposium 93. Topics include tremolo systems, tuners, nuts,shielding, pickups and neck joints. Good tips on design, maintenance, and repair of electric guitars. With 4 photos.

guitar, electric; symposium; repair; pickup; tuner; electronics

Peter's Valley Guitar Making Course

Jim Stagnitto

Stagnito describes the experience of helping teach at the Peter's Valley Course. With 2 photos.


More Odds & Ends

Phillippe Collard, Grit Laskin

Collard is looking for a technical or sales position in the guitar industry. Just Jazz Guitar magazine debuts. Laskin announces his Humitar guitar humidifier.


A Tribute to Dick Boak

William Cumpiano

Cumpiano and many others comment positively on Boak's tenure as director of ASIA.

humor; biography

Running the Business

Cathy Currier

Currier describes the growth of her parents' music store and how she grew into the business. With 1 photo.



Dick Boak

Boak answers questions on a source for fret-slotting circular saw blades and ebony as a tonewood. A reader seeks information on a German company called Dommenget. With 3 photos.

tools, jig, tools, shop-built; tonewood

Book Review: Making an Archtop Guitar

Mark Campellone

Campellone praises the new book by Benedetto.

guitar, archtop; review; book

Three Instruments

Steve Anderson, Bob Gleason, Tom Nechville

Beauty shots of three instruments: an oval hole archtop, a koa ukulele, and an oak-leaf banjo peghead.

ukulele; guitar, archtop; banjo

“ASIA is an organization where you not only grow your skills, but grow your extended family. I have met so many wonderful, knowledgeable people through this organization.” ~Michael Dickinson, Martin Guitar