Guitarmaker Issue 29

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American Acoustech

Cover photo of two American Acoustech dreadnought guitars.

guitar, steel-string


Jay Darmstadtler, Phillipe Collard, John Calkin, Mark Pressling, Jesse Oelbaum, Dave Thormahlen, Timothy Rosenberg, Jerry Frazer

Darmstadter, Collard, Calkin, Pressling, and Oelbaum sing praises of the '95 symposium. Don't you wish you went? Thormahlen praises Bob Taylor's Shop Tooling column. Rosenbert seeks advide on starting a guitar making business. Dobro builder Frazier gives his bio and mentions his work on improbing dobros. With 4 photos.

symposium; guitar, resonator

Help Wanted

Walter Lipton

Euphonon Co. looking for an experienced and mature craftsman


New Members

Sergei de Jonge, Gary Houston Price

Brief bios of deJonge and Price. With 1 photo.


Members' Spotlight

Jay Darmstadtler

Biography of Jay Darmstadter. With 1 photo.


Positions Wanted

Jason Harshbarger

Harshbarger seeks an apprenticeship.



The Acoustical Society of America publishes "Research Papers in Violin Acoustics, 1975-1993."

violin; acoustics

American Acoustech: A Domestic Builder Fills a Niche

Arif Verner

How an American factory can compete with imports at the lower end of the guitar market. The article doesn't talk much about jigs, but there are some good photos. With 23 photos.

finishing; selling; business; tools, jig; shop

Tearing it Up: One Way of Making a Cutaway Guitar

Sylvan Wells

The real cutaway--how Wells builds the body and removes the cutaway afterwards. With 15 photos.

process; guitar, steel string

Symposium '95: A Phot Essay

Brian Pickell

Captioned photo essay of the '95 Symposium. With 39 photos.


Keynote Address: Symposium '95

Walter Carter

Carter describes all aspects on the perfect guitar. Now we all know what to aim for. With 2 photos.


Marketing Panel - Symposium '95 Part I

Jay Hostetler

First part of a very enlightening panel discussion on marketing. Told from the perspective of large manufacturers to small hand builders, Each builder givew his background and perspective. Topics range from getting visibility and establishing a reputation to endorsements, wholesale vs. retail, and pricing. This comprehensive discussion is not to be missed (if you want to make any money). You need to also see Part II in issue 30.

business; sales

Shop Tooling

Bob Taylor

How to get the most out of a shaper. Did you ever think of sawing with one? With 6 photos.

tools, power

If I Had a Hammer

Michael Dresdner

First part (of 2) of Dresdner's discussion on the scientific method and his example of determining a solution for glue/adhesives problems. With 1 graphic.

glue; process

Fore & Aft Gallery

Joe Pickerelli

Pickerelli discusses his repair of a waterlogged Ken Smith bass. With 3 photos.


The Luthier's Workbench

Bryan Galloup

Resetting a neck through a shoulder tuck. Loosen the back, tilt the neck the proper amount and reglue the back. With 8 photos.


Book Review: Electric Guitars and Basses: A Photographic History

Douglas Baldwin

Baldwin approves of the book, but think it gives inadequate treatment to guitars built after 1970.

book; review

Apitius Grand Classic Mandolin

Oliver Apitius

Back cover photos of a beautiful F-style mandolin


“ASIA is an organization where you not only grow your skills, but grow your extended family. I have met so many wonderful, knowledgeable people through this organization.” ~Michael Dickinson, Martin Guitar