Guitarmaker Issue 21

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Pegasus Guitars' Koa Weissenbornagain

Photo by Karl Backus


Owen Crouch, Ray Mercer, Fiona Malcom, Arnold M.J. Henning, John Kitakis, Eugene Popov

Another View on Counterfeiting

Walter Lipton

The Joy of Repair

John Kitakis

Member Spotlight—T.J. Thompson

T.J. Thompson,

Member Spotlight—Jeff Traugott

Jeff Traugott

Member Spotlight—Ted Dalack

Ted Dalack

Member Spotlight—Robert Madill

Robert Madill

Member Spotlight—Owen Couch

Owen Couch

Fret Leveling Postscripts

Ron Long

More Fret Leveling Postscripts

Bill Arnsparger

Defending Danny

Dana Bourgeois, E. Todd Ellison

Bar Fretting

T.J. Thompson,

Flat Surfaces

John Kitakis

Fishman Relocated

Fishman Transducers


Ken Picou Design


George Morris, Frank Finnochio

Dremel Flex-Shaft Router Base

Tom Mathis

Kerfing Jig

Tom Mathis

Intonation and Fret Placement

John M. Gilbert

Hints from the Workshop

John M. Gilbert

The A.S.I.A. Code of Ethics

A.S.I.A. Advisory Board

Robert Bouchet

Irving Sloane

Symposium '93

Flip Scipio, Stu Horsman, Chuck & Cheryl Eridson, et al

A Tribute to Mario Maccaferri

Michael Dresdner

Self-Tuning Guitar Recognized for Innovation Award

Neil Skinn

CITES, Round Two

Pickups Are More and Less Than They Seem

Mel Lace

Suggested Grading Criteria for Figured Maple Sets

Bruce L. Ross

Acoustic Guitars and Other Fretted Instruments: A Photographic History

George Gruhn, Walter Carter

Job Listings

Obituary: Darnell Lewis

Obituary: Frank Musconi

The Craft Emergency Relief Fund

Ervin Somogyi

Ervin Somogi's fire, see issue 14

Coming Events

The Lighter Side

Abe Wechter's "Our Lady" and Steve Grimes' Double-hole Flattop Guitars

Abe Wechter, Steve Grimes

“ASIA is an organization where you not only grow your skills, but grow your extended family. I have met so many wonderful, knowledgeable people through this organization.” ~Michael Dickinson, Martin Guitar