Guitarmaker Issue 19

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Heavily Repaired Martin D-28 Soundboard


Daniel W. Haines, Nogami Trading Co., Dante Boragamo, Peter Alan Sawchyn, Randy Lucas, Lee M. Mann, Clark Prouty

George Manno on Forgeries

George Manno


Edward V. Dick

Which Piece of Cellulose Represents You Best?

David Freeman

Member Spotlight—Thomas Pike

Thomas Pike

Member Spotlight—Mike Hughes

Mike Hughes

Member Spotlight—Marc Maingard

Marc Maingard

Member Spotlight—Edward V. Dick

Edward V. Dick

Member Spotlight—Gordon Hill

Gordon Hill

Why Guitars Improve with Age

Edward V. Dick

Laskin's Armrest Revisited

Richard N. Norris

Shop Tips from T.J.

T.J. Thompson

Instead of a page 17/18, I have an extra 11/12, I don't know what was on 17/18.

NAMM Guitarmaker's Banquet

A Visit with Yuri Dmitrievsky

Mark Chaplin

Welcom Steve

Obituary: Frank DiAngelo

Equality Between Stings?

Walter Lipton

Fret Leveling Basics

Ron Long, Roger Sadowsky, Walter Lipton

String Notch Making Gauge for Archtop Guitar Bridge

Robert Benedetto

String Tensions, Materials, Lengths and Diameters

David C. Hurd

Guitarmaker's Photo Gallery

Vladimir Pablov, Joseph Zorzi, R.J. Thompson, Richard Levitch, Charles Lavelle

White-gloved Ladies

Michael Dresdner

Educational Update

Steve Szymanski

An Interview with George Gruhn (Part 2)

James Rickard (transcribed by William Cumpiano)

Part 1 was in GM 13 There is supposed to be a part 3 also

Joseph Zorzi, Guitar & Violin Maker

George Manno

Spirit Wind Guitar

Bill Colgan

Instead of a page 43/44, I have an extra 49/50, so the beginning of the article is missing

Guitar Set-up and Manitenance

Nigel Brewer, Owen Davidson, Bill Callaham, Dick Boak

Symposium '93 Schedule

Forums, Panels, and Workshops for Symposium '93

The Stringed Instruments of Portugal

Horacio Tome Marques

Jobs & Apprenticeships

Gulab Gidwani, Tim White

The Midwest Guild of Guitar and Violin Makers

George Manno

Symposium Update

New Products

Don Kendall, Neil C. Skinn, Bob and Anne Gleason, Peter Purich

Two Inlaid Headstocks by Grit Laskin

Grit Laskin

“ASIA is an organization where you not only grow your skills, but grow your extended family. I have met so many wonderful, knowledgeable people through this organization.” ~Michael Dickinson, Martin Guitar