Guitarmaker Issue 18

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Stefan Sobell Guitar made for Martin Simpson

Northlight Photographic Studios

Cover photo of Stefan Sobell's steel-string guitar.

guitar, steel string


Jesse Merill, David Sloane, Rick Hoey, John Monteleone

Jesse Merrill suggests that A.S.I.A. could a logo. David Sloane (publisher of American Woodworker) gives kudos to Guitarmaker. Rick Hoey asks for lute information. John Monteleone mentions the Mutual of Omaha insurance policy to luthiers.

insurance; logo; Guitarmaker

Flamenco Guitar Sketch

Nicholas Clark

Picture this: "flamingo guitars." 1 sketch.


Instrument Forgery

George Manno

Rails against luthiers who try to dupe the public with fake or misattributed instruments. Gives examples of forgers that were caught. With 1 photo.


Epitaph of a Forger

Tom Wenberg

Sidebar excerpted from "The Violin Makers of the United States," Discusses many of Tetto Gallo's shenanigains.


Member's Spotlight

Kent Everett, Bernd Krause, Ocean Zeny, Mark Giles, David Fink

Each author talks briefly about his luthiery. With 4 photos (1 from each author).

member; biography

Tips from Readers

David Fink

How to cut fret slots without math, using a fret ruler and a tablesaw cutoff sled.


Hostetter, not Hostetler

Matt Groening

Bart Simpson writes on the blackboard: "I will never again spell Paul Hostetter's name like Jay Hostetter's." Paul authored "Maccaferi Revisited" in Guitarmaker 17. 1 sketch.


The A.S.I.A. Guide to Music Media

A list of 250 or so music-related or luthier-relevant magazines and publications.



Seven sources for luthery-related supplies including Englemann spruce, a couple newsletters, guitarist stools, and mammoth ivory. With 1 photo (the stool).


Identifying Mammoth Ivory vs. Elephant Ivory

Fish & Wildlife Forensics Laboratory gives luthiers (and customs) a reliable way to tell the difference between legal and illegal ivory. With two sketches.


A Brief History of the Gallagher Guitar Company

Short history of Gallagher Guitars with a table of serial numbers, dates, and models.

biography; history


Novax wins a design award, W.A.R.P. sells some veneer, Fishman adopts eco-friendly packaging, and pickup designer Don Lace passes away.


The 1992 Peter's Valley Guitarmaking Workshop

George Leach

The author and eight others build guitars in eight days with Dick Boak and Bill Cumpiano (and a cameo from Bob Benedetto). With 2 photos.

education; workshop

A Brief Review of the Benedetto Archtop Guitarmaking Course

Bob Mokrycki

Bob Benedetto teaches his first pair of pupils. With 1 photo.


Ibex Plane (photo)

Captioned photo of Bob Benedetto's IBEX finger plane mentioned in Guitarmaker 17.

tools, hand;

Benedetto Calipers

Bob Benedetto

Plans for making your own thickness caliper. With 1 drawing and 1 photo.

tools, shop-built;

Symposium Repair Panel

Douglas Baldwin, Dick Boak, Randy Wood, Dan Erlewine, Bob White, David Shepherd, Marty Lanham, T.J. Thompson, Roger Sadowsky

Douglas Baldwin transcribes the lively repair forum from the '92 symposium.

symposium; repair

Guitarmaker's Gallery

George Manno

Eight unrelated yet interesting photos from luthiery past and present.


Some Basic Ideas about Spruce

Irving Sloane

Brief discussion of harvesting instrument-grade spruce. With 1 illustration.


Suggested Grading Criteria for Spruce and Cedar Acoustic Guitar Tops

Bruce Ross

A specialty wood broker offers suggestions for standardizing grading criteria such as color, texture, grain, etc.


Book Review: The Wood Finishing Handbook

The book isn't specifically for luthiers, but gives valuable finishing information.

book; review

Buddy Holly

Bill Bush

Reminiscences of a teenager listening to Buddy Holly and visiting his birthplace as an adult. With 2 photos.


Choke Coils: An In depth Look

Mike Metz

Discusses tone controls that use inductors (chokes) to make notch filters. Gives examples from Gibson Guitars and briefly covers repair. With 7 drawings.

electronics; guitar, electric

Constructing an Experimental LC Tone Control

Mike Metz

How to make an experimantal outboard tone control using an inductor. With 2 drawings.

electronics; guitar, electric

Rainforests and Indian Rosewod Sustainability

India's sustainable management of wild and tea plantation rosewood.


Coming Events

Dates and info for A.S.I.A. booth at 1993 Winter NAMM, South by Southwest Music and Media Conference, Mittenwald 1993, and the Violin Society of America annual convention.

event; NAMM

Some Additional Thoughts about Choke Coils

Mark Herbert

Recommended values and a slightly different circuit for experimenting with the LC Tone control described on page 48. With 1 table and 1 drawing.

electronics; guitar, electric

The Viotar

Bob Schlink

The viotar is a headless electric guitar with narrow body that you place under your chin and bow like a violin. With 1 photo.

guitar, electric

The Secret of Stradavarius: A Pigment that Acts Like a Dye?

Michael Dresdner

An excerpt from "The Wood Finishing Book" perpetuates a rumor that UV light can differentiate modern stains from stain that Stradivarius might have used.

violin; finishing

The Dark Side of the Lighter Side

A column full of banjo jokes and suggested bumper stickers.

humor; banjo

NAMM Videos

How to get two NAMM videos on how to sell high-end guitars.

school; NAMM

Benedetto Cremona Archtop Guitar

John Levin

Photo of Benedetto's honey blonde Cremona guitar.

guitar, archtop

“ASIA is an organization where you not only grow your skills, but grow your extended family. I have met so many wonderful, knowledgeable people through this organization.” ~Michael Dickinson, Martin Guitar