Guitarmaker Issue 17

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Pearl Inlay Headstock by David Nichols

David Nichols


Jim Hatlo, Debbie Suran, Richard Mermer, Curt Carpenter, Richard Keegan, Ervin Somogyi, Jeff Gibbs

Kit Snit

Chris Pile

The Last Word on Kits

George Risanzi

Member Spotlight—Jerry Viel

Jerry Viel

Member Spotlight—Chris Foss

Chris Foss

Member Spotlight—Ray Fairchild

Ray Fairchild

Member Spotlight—Alfred Perry

Alfred Perry

Member Spotlight—Chuck Erickson

Chuck Erickson

Member Spotlight—Ted Beringer

Ted Beringer

Rick Turner's Phone Correction

Corrections to #16

More on 12 & 14 Fret Design

Richard Mermer

Maccaferri Revisited

Paul Hostetler

What Should You Charge?

William Cumpiano

Neck Resetting Alternatives

Bob Gleason


James Chiafon

JK Lutherie

JK Lutherie

Finger Planes

Bob Benedetto

Big Creek Wood Products

John Knecht

More on Fossilized Walrus Ivory

Tom Ellis

New Warmoth Catalog

Warmoth Guitar Products


Association of Vintage Instrument Dealers Formed

Carlo Balistrieri

Filling with Durham's Putty

John Gilbert

Nuts to You

Douglas Baldwin

Fixturing Methods

Arnold Henning

Unique Approaches to Banjo Carving

Tom Ellis

Evaluating Electronic Tuners

Douglas Baldwin

Education Update

Steve Szymanski

Gilbert Tuning Machines

William Cumpiano

The 1992 Lost Mountain Kasha Design Seminar

Sylvan Wells

The Mystery of the Aging and Well-played Guitar

Dr. Dan hayes

Takin' Care of Business

Stan Werbin

Dead Threads

Woody Hochswender

The Art Market

The Lighter Side

David A. Lusterman, Dick Boak

The Princess Trees

Grit Laskin

A Compliange Guide to Exporting Pre-CITES Musical Instruments Containing Brazilian Rosewood

James M. Goldberg

Fretless Bass by Jim Boesel

Jim Boesel

“ASIA is an organization where you not only grow your skills, but grow your extended family. I have met so many wonderful, knowledgeable people through this organization.” ~Michael Dickinson, Martin Guitar