Guitarmaker Issue 14

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Linda Manzer's "Pikasso" Built for Pat Metheny

Photo by Brian Pickell

Obituary for Tim Poling



Ichiro Katayama, Bob Metz, Musical Merchandise Review, Steve Grimes, Steve Barnes, Bruce Elliott, John Hall, Friends of the Earth, Rich Mermer, Bill Hollenbeck

Member Spotlight—Tom Mathis

Tom Mathis

Member Spotlight—Steve Mosher

Steve Mosher

Member Spotlight—Javier Sanchez and Monsterat Serramia

Javier Sanchez and Monsterat Serramia

Member Spotlight—Jim Mickelson

Jim Mickelson

Deflection from String Tension

Jim Rickard

Instrument Maker's Syndrome?

Dr. Teri Novak

Hide Glue and Rosettes

Gary Zimnicki

Edge Bending Purfling

Michael Terris

Building a Thickness Caliper

Tom Mathis

Bart's Pip

Bart Reiter


Tom Mathis, David Hurd


Robert Benedetto, Matt Umanov, Jay Pitzer, Piano Quarterly

Pearl Engraving Techniques and Sources

Bart Reiter

Tragic Oakland Fire for Guitarmaker Ervin Somogyi

Ervin Somogyi

See Ervin's article on CERF in issue 21

Fishman Granted 8th U.S. Patent

Lawrence Fishman

Composite Graphite: Technical Information and Specifications

Steve Mosher

Ivory from Mammoths

John Kitakis

Eductional Update

North Bennett Street School, Maine Guitarmaker's School

The Peter's Valley Acoustic Guitarmaking Course

Dick Boak

Interview with Yuri Dmitrievsky

Roger Sadowsky (transcribed by Bill Cumpiano)

Grit Laskin's Classical Guitar Armrest

Grit Laskin

The Wright Way for Repair shops fo Approach Dealers

Bruce Wright

The Rosewood Jungle

Dick Boak

Manuel Velazquez at Work in His Shop (photo)

An Alternative Neck to Headstock Joint

Arnold Hennig

String Instrument Craftsman Absorbed by Guitarmaker

Situation Wanted

Tiziano Ornaghi

Job Listings

Bran Dillard, String Letter Press, Messe Frankfurt, Ohio Msical Instrument Expostion

A.S.I.A. Business

Grit Laskin

The Making of Stringed Instruments: A Workshop Guide

Dick Boak

The Ultimate Guitar Book

Chris Pile

The Lighter Side

Steve Grimes "Tiny Grimes" built for Scott Chinery

Steve Grimes

“ASIA is an organization where you not only grow your skills, but grow your extended family. I have met so many wonderful, knowledgeable people through this organization.” ~Michael Dickinson, Martin Guitar