Guitarmaker Issue 15

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Abe Wechter's "Katia II" Guitar Gommissioned by John McLaughlin

Abe Wechter

Instrument Making in Portugal

Horacio Tome Marques with notes by William Cumpiano

Australian Guitars

Gerard Gilet

Instrument Builder or Kit Builder?

A Handy Reply

Thomas Bazzolo

What to say when people ask "did that mahogany neck come from the rainforest?" or say "you're destroying the planet because you make guitars."

Member's Spotlight—John Farrar

John Farrar

Member's Spotlight—Fidencio Diaz

Fidencio Diaz

Member's Spotlight—Manuel Velazquez

Manuel Velazquez

Member's Spotlight—Scott MacDonald

Scott MacDonald

Member's Spotlight—Douglas Baldwin

Douglas Baldwin

Member's Spotlight—Arnold M.J. Hennig

Arnold M.J. Hennig

Member's Spotlight—Robert Banks

Robert Banks

"Making Stringed Instruments" vs. "Making Musical Instruments"

Dick Boak

Dick Boak's review of "Making Stringed Instruments" in issue 14 was unfortunately titled "Making Musical Instruments." They aren't written by the same author.


Belgian Waffle!

Dick Boak

A guitar shown in a photo on page 5 of Issue 14 was incorrectly attributed to Bruce Elliott.

Winetasting Philosophy

Martyn Mitchell

Mitchell proposes more events like the symposiom wine tasting event reported in issue 13.

Archtop Guitar Bridge Fitting Jig

Bob Benedetto

Acoustic Bass Strings: A Plea to String Makers

Mark Stanley

Frank Haselbacher's Varnish Finish

William Cumpiano

Tips from Flip

Flip Scipio


Tom Mathis, David Hurd, Dick Boak

Roy Courtnall's Guitar Plans


Robson's Flamed Maple

Self-tuning Guitars Revisited

Neill C. Skinn

The Segovia Chair

Dhana Solish Design

Tuner Concerns

Sylvan Wells

Mossman Neck Joint

William Cumpiano

South Plains College

Helping Eastern Europe Privatize

Bruce L. Ross

You May Never Splice Again

Flip Scipio

An Unabridged Visit with Mario Maccaferri

Dick Boak

Stair-step Router Cutter for Binding on Archtops

William Hollenbeck

Giant Sitka Spruce Logs at Pacific Rim Tonewoods

2 photos of huge sitka spruce logs. Goes with the photo on the back cover

Coming Events

Jobs and Situations Wanted

Karen Mondale, John Dettra, Ric McCurdy

ASIA Business

Stan Werbin

The Good Wood Guide: A Friends of the Earth Handbook

Rich Mermer

Making Stringed Instruments: A Supplemental Review

Linda Manzer

Manzer adds her thoughts to the review in issue 14. Title notwithstanding, the reader should consider it a beginner's book about violin making. She recommends that budding guitar builders steer clear of its advice on guitar making.

Burglary with Strings Attached

Bob Smakula

A Large Sitka Log Being Split with a Hydraulic Wedge

Pacific Rim Tonewoods

“ASIA is an organization where you not only grow your skills, but grow your extended family. I have met so many wonderful, knowledgeable people through this organization.” ~Michael Dickinson, Martin Guitar