Guitarmaker Issue 13

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Aric Aceto's "Violects" Electric Violin

Photo by Lee Melon


Martin Simpson, J. Craig Mecham, Bil Colgan, David A. Lusterman, Stephen Moskell, Sylvan Wells, Jeff Pickering, Stuart Horseman, Catherine R. Currier, Gerald McCollam, Daniel R. Blum, Murray Lanham, Anonymous, Dan Stamper

Member Spotlight—Paul Neri

Paul Neri

Member Spotlight—C.F.Casey


Member Spotlight—Ed Mettee

Ed Mettee

Wrong Area Code for Wood Marine

Wood Marine

New Address for Doug Degenhart

Doug Degenhart

Wrong Phone Listed for Jump Guitars

More Thoughts on Rainforest Destruction

William Cumpiano

Thank You for Piezo-electric Pickup Installation

Flip Scipio

Duane Waterman's Article on Pore Filling

Mario Passos

Youngblood Music Workshop

Youngblood Music Workshop

The Vintage News

Mandilin Bros.

George Manno

George Manno

Proposed Regulations Hit Ivory Owners and Users

Linda Manzer

Calling All Bridges

Ken Donnell Enterprises

Symposium '91: A Review of This Year's Gathering

Dick Boak

Marking Instruments to Dealers

Richard Johnston

Freeform Talk on Humor, History, and Production Technique

Bill Collings

How I Build

Abe Wechter

The Guitarmaking Scene in New Zealand

Ray Mercer

Jigs and Fixtures

Don Macrostie

New Production Technology

Tom Anderson

Repair Panel

David Sheppard, T.J. Thompson, Roger Sadowsky, Bob White, Randy Wood, Marty Lanham, Dan Erlewine

On Rainforests: The WARP Challenge

Scott Landis

A symposium talk in whole

Guitar Finishes and the Law

John Hall

My History and Connection with Guitarmaking

Rick Turner

Technology of Computer-aided Design and Manufacture

Bob Taylor

Advancement of the Guitar

Richard Schneider

The PBC Touch Guitar

Dabe Bunker

Steel String Winetasting

Dana Bourgeois, David Sheppard, Ted Scheips

The Luthier's Exam

James Rickard

The Second Bi-annual Bart Reiter Memorial Restringing Contest

The First Acoustic & Electric Guitar Throw Challenge

Saturday Night Live!

Grit Laskin

Guild of Russian Musicmakers

Yuri Dmitrievsky, with intro by William Cumpiano

Photo and Listing of All Attendees

Music Performance

Marton Simpson

Saturday Night Auction

Dick Boak

Symposium Benefit to A.S.I.A

Dick Boak

Future of Instrument Making

Chuck Ogsbury

Elements of Product Design

Ed Britt

An Interview with George Gruhn (Part 1)

James Rickard (transcribed by William Cumpiano)

Part 2 was in GM 19 There is supposed to be a part 3 also

Educational Update

A Closer Look at the Roberto-Venn Guitar Building School

Jeff Pickering

Coming Events

Job Listings

Strait Music, Jim Matheas, Matt Umanov Guitars, Shane Knudson, Adrian

Instruments for Sale

Beverly Maher, G.E. Davidson

The Lighter Side: Bear Expectaions Inflated

The Darker Side: Deuling Banjo Death

History: Ferdinand Klein

True Rosewoods and Some Suitable Substitutes

Dick Boak

Thinline Tips from Breaker Bay

Ray Mercer

Baby Balalaika Photo

Yuri Dmitrievsky

“ASIA is an organization where you not only grow your skills, but grow your extended family. I have met so many wonderful, knowledgeable people through this organization.” ~Michael Dickinson, Martin Guitar