Guitarmaker Issue 52

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Front Cover

Craig Lavin

Cover photo: headstock inlay by Craig Lavin showcasing his shading technique.


From the Editor

Jim Samuel

New editor Samuel lays out his plan for the magazine and requests input from members.


A New Era for ASIA

Bill Mol

New ASIA executive director Moll lays out his goals for the organization and introduces the new committees (Marketing, Editorial, Political Action), their chairmen, and the new event coordinator. With 1 photo.

ASIA; Symposium; Guitarmaker

LK-OM by Lance Kragenbrink

Lance Kragenbrink

A beauty shot of Lance Kragenbrink’s LK-OM guitar.

Guitar, OM

In the Shade

Craig Lavin

Lavin discusses several ways to create shade effects on pearl inlay then details his technique using very thin applications of black epoxy. With 11 photos.


Hand Disorders: Common Occupational Hand and Arm Disorders - A Primer for the Luthier

David Lang

MD Lang provides definitions, an overview of hand anatomy, ergonomics, and common injuries and disorders. The article includes Web links for further information on ergonomics and tool design. With 9 photos and 3 illustrations.


Smoke and Mirrors - Part 1

Harvey Leach

Leach discusses his style (details, lots of details) as an inlay artist and illustrates his points with examples from two of his works. With 2 photos.


Symposium 2005

Frank Ford, Lance Krangenbrink, Rick Davis

Former Executive Director Davis sums up the 2005 symposium. Includes a list of presenters. With 24 photos


Building a Better Binding Jig

Don Williams

Williams provides his interpretation of Harry Fleishman’s binding jig (published in American Lutherie). Williams’ jig uses drawer slides and a lazy susan bearing to provide lateral movement combined with Fleishman's original parallelogram for vertical movement. With 8 photos.

tools, jig; tools, shop-built

Travel Guitar

Ed Mettee

Mettee’s full-size archtop breaks down into a travel-size package by removing a single pin. Includes description, dimensions, and 4 photos.

guitar, travel; guitar, archtop

Resurrecting a Parlor Guitar

Harry Eibert, Gennaro D'Urso

The authors retop a turn of the century parlor guitar with spruce treated with Nagyvary’s secret process. With 6 photos.

repair; Nagyvary, Joseph; tonewood

Setting Up a 12 String

Todd Cambio

Cambio provides a brief history of 12-string guitars, then details how he sets up his guitars. With 5 photos and 2 illustrations.

setup; history; bracing

“ASIA is an organization where you not only grow your skills, but grow your extended family. I have met so many wonderful, knowledgeable people through this organization.” ~Michael Dickinson, Martin Guitar