Guitarmaker Issue 50

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Eclectric Strings

Cover photo: Woodcut of an artisan carving an instrument similar to a cuatro


ASIA Workbench

Rick Davis

Davis introduces Nadine Nelson as the new membership coordinator. The forum is up and running, and the new ASIA board is pursuing a wide range ofprojects and ideas to improve ASIA. Guitarmaker will have a member's photo gallery beginning with the next issue.

symposium; event; ASIA

Latin American Stringed Instruments

William Cumpiano

Cumipano explores the history and culture that resulten in the wonderful diversity of Latin American stringed insturments. Part 1 (part 2 in issue XXX). With 8 photos.


America's Forgotten Instruments

Tim Brookes

While researching for a book, Brooks uncovers the work of ethnomusicologist Sidney Robertson Cowell. From 1938 to 1940 she documented a tremendous variety of ethnic instruments (and music) in California. With 8 photos and 3 drawings.


The Stroh Guitar

Rick Davis

Brief discription of the rare guitar with mechanical amplification. With 3 photos.


A Modern Harp Guitar

Jim Worland

The author describes the design and construction of a modern version of the Gibson "U" Harp Guitar. With 3 photos.

guitar, harp

The Hafling

Tom Ribbecke

In a quest to reinvent the guitar top, Ribbecke recounts the development of his "sound bubble" guitar to his flattop/archtop hybrid he calls the "hafling." With 9 photos.

guitar, archtop; guitar, steel string

Flying V Things

Elle Erickson

Erickson, enamored with Gibson's Flying V electric guitar decided do build a flying V lap steel guitar and a mandolin. The mandolin turned out to be a mandola, though. With 6 photos.

guitar, Hawaiin; Mandolin

Dylan's Weissenborn

Doug Fields

Fields builds a Weissenborn for his son while making the case for the its aesthetic beauty, beatiful music and ease of playing. With 6 photos.

guitar, Hawaiin

The European Mandolin

Ernst Pozar

Brief history of European mandolins, their variety, and the current state of this style instrument. With 5 photos.

mandolin; history

Tales from the Dimly Lit Side

Cat Fox

Woe to the one who tries to do his customer a favor by cleaning his filthy guitar. With 1 photo.

business; humor

Left-Brain Lutherie: Book Review

Even Davis

Davis reviews David Hurds book "Left-Brain Lutherie." Davis finds the concept interesting, but takes exception to the way the author supports his findings.


A Dulcimer Side Bender

Jeremy Seeger

Seeger built a heat-blankes side bender to improve the quality of his dulcimers. With 6 photos.

dulcimer; tools, shop built; tools, jig

The Garolite Fix

Frank Ford

Ford uses a phenolic tube to reinforce a crack repair in a Jean Ritchie dulcimer. With 13 photos

repair; dulcimer

Northern California Association of Luthiers

Brian Burns

Burns offers tips for running a successful luthiery group. With 4 photos.


“ASIA is an organization where you not only grow your skills, but grow your extended family. I have met so many wonderful, knowledgeable people through this organization.” ~Michael Dickinson, Martin Guitar