Guitarmaker Issue 46

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Zeidler Guitar Project

Cover photo: the Zeidler project guitar under construction.

archtop; memorial; Zeidler, John

ASIA Member news

Mike Longworth, Ernst Pozar, Ken Donnell, Theo Scharpach

Mike Longworth (who died in January '03) discusses the Banjo Joke Book and whether some jokes are funny or offensive (with examples). Ernst Pozar reminisces about his interaction with Longworth. Ken Donell updates the membership on his retirement. Theo Scharpach comments on the Selmer guitars of issue 45.

banjo; Longworth, Mike; Selmer; humor; biography

ASIA Workbench

Rick Davis

Thanks to the 2003 symposium, ASIA is in good financial standing. Also as a result of the symposium, members are submitting more articles for Guitarmaker. Sally Wells takes over the membership database, and Brown printing now prints the magazine.

symposium; ASIA; event

Dust Collection for the Guitar Shop

Davie Eichelbaum

The author discusses the value of the dust collection system and downdraft table he installed in his new shop. With 8 photos and 2 sources.

shop; dust collection; safety; tools

Dear Rick

Carl Kaufmann

Safety depends more on attitude than apparatus, hazardous work can be done safely, and accidents can usually be prevented. The author backs up these ideas with 30 years experience working at the safety-record-setting Dupont. With 3 photos.

safety; shop

Drafting an Answer to Airborne Dust

Bill Mol

The author builds a down-draft sanding table.It uses a commercial dust collector to move the air and a perforated rubber floor mat as a working surface. With 5 photos.

safety; dust collection; shop; tools, shop-built

New Shop Design: Comfort, Better Efficiency, and Safety

Mario Proulx

Suggestions for anyone designing a new shop.For example, an insulated floor, dust collection, benches the right height, and even a pleasing tint to the room color.

safety; shop

Things I've Learned about Workplace Safety

David Vincent

Basics for teaching shop safety.

safety; shop

The Zeidler Guitar Project

Linda Manzer, Richard Hoover, Tom Ribbecke, Steve Grimes, John Monteleone

When the highly-respected luthier John Zeidler fell ill, Linda Manzer assembled a team to build a guitar that would honor John and raise funds for his medical care. From a slide show-roundtable given at the 2003 symopsium. With 44 photos and 1 illustration.

archtop; memorial; Zeidler, John

Review: Guitars Through the Ages

Tim Brookes

This 72-page book is the program from a concert played on historical guitars from James Westbrook's collection. The rewier finds interesting morsels throughout, but is disappointed by its brevity. With 1 photo.

review; guitar, nylon string

Review: The Classical Guitar

Sergei de Jonge

This book contains biographical information on people involved with the classical guitar--players, teachers and composers. There is a section on recordings, and one on guitar makers. Alas, the reviewer (a luthier) laments, there is no information on guitar construction.

review; guitar, nylon string

The Jay Method

Jay Darmstadtler

Steps to repairing a broken headstock with splines inlaid into the front of the neck. With 9 photos.


Choosing the Correct Carver

J.B. Alred

Things to look for when choosing a duplicating carver, by the designer of the Gemini Carving Duplicator. With 11 illustrations.


The Joy of Sharpening

Mike dePunte

How to sharpen steel tools taking into consideration the type of steel, hardness, edge geometry, and tool use. Authorered by the manufacturer of Cape Forge tools.

tools, hand; sharpening

Building the Perfect Mistake

John Hall

Learn how to make better guitars by making every possible mistake, including pride.


Tax Tips for Luthiers

David Bland

A C.P.A. details the six major types of business entities: sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability partnership, limited liability corporation (C), corporation (S), and non-profit organization.


“ASIA is an organization where you not only grow your skills, but grow your extended family. I have met so many wonderful, knowledgeable people through this organization.” ~Michael Dickinson, Martin Guitar