Guitarmaker Issue 45

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Selmer Guitar / Django Reinhardt Collage

Michael Simmons

Cover photo: Selmer Guitar / Django Reinhardt Collage.

Reinhart, Django; Selmer, Henri; Maccaferri, Mario

Symposium 2003 Announcement

Rick Davis

1-page announcement for the time and location of Symposium 2003 (McDaniel College, Westminster, Maryland). Includes a partial list of presenters.

symposium; event

ASIA Workbench

Rick Davis

Thank you to renewing members renewing as well as new lifetime members. Announcment of Grizzly Industrial becoming an advertising sponsor, with 2 photos of Grizzly Presidtent Shiraz Balolia's guitars. News pertaining to the new membership directory. A little more info on the 2003 Symposium.

sponsor; directory; symposium; event

ASIA Member News

Tom Ribbecke, Rick Davis

John Ziedler Eulogy and the Zeidler Memorial Archtop, with 1 Photo of John Zeidler and 3 of the Memorial Archtop project. ASIA board member Dan Erlewine records four new DVDs, with 1 photo. Call for new members. American School of Luthiery moves to Portland, OR.

Ziedler, John; memorial; archtop; video; Erlewine, Dan; school

Banjomaker: Errata & Further Illuminations

Ed Britt

Three pages of corrections, comments, and additions to the banjo-related articles of issue 44. With 9 photos and 2 drawings.

banjo; banjo maker; errata

Django's Voice: A Brief History of Selmer Guitars

Michael Simmons

Discussion of the relationship among Maccaferri, Selmer, and Reinhardt. A brief history of Selmer's guitars during and after Maccaferri's involvement. Maurice Dupont's efforts to continue the Selmer tradition. With 15 Photos.

Reinhart, Django; Selmer, Henri; Maccaferri, Mario; Dupont, Maurice; biography

The Selmer Tailpiece

Roger Beardsley

Five drawings of a Selmer tailpiece with notes.

Selmer, Henri; Maccaferri, Mario; tailpiece

The Selmer-Macaferri in the 21st Century

Bernie Lehmen

The author presents his thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses of the Selmer-Maccaferri design and his attempts to improve upon it (including side ports, and unique bracing). With 6 photos.

Selmer, Henri; Maccaferri, Mario; bracing; sound ports

Reinventing Maccaferri

Michael Dunn

The author builds maccaferri-style guitars but with his own soundhole reflector and a unique visual statement. With 6 photos.

Selmer, Henri; Maccaferri, Mario; sound reflector

Selmer/Maccaferri Soundboard Design

Shelley Park

The author discusses her methods for producing a maccagerri-style soundboard including bracing and working with oddly-shaped soundholes. With 9 photos.

Selmer, Henri; Maccaferri, Mario; soundboard; bracing; soundhole

Edward Freeman, Luthier

Jerry Lodbill

Explores Edward Freeman, the luthier who built classical and maccaferri-style guitars from 1955 to 1974, The article is mostly about Ed as a person (starting with a digression into his pre-luthier days), but includes some information on his shop, techniques, and processes. With 10 photos.

Freeman, Edward; Selmer, Henri; Maccaferri, Mario; shop; process; biography

A Selmer-Style Gallery

Michael Dunn, Bernie Lehman, Shelley park

Three pages of color photographs. One each dedicated to Michael Dunn (5 photos), Shelley D. Park (5 photos), and Bernie Lehman (6 photos). Each page includes a paragraph describing the luthier's history and models.

Selmer, Henri; Maccaferri, Mario; Dunn, Michael; Park, Shelley; Lehman, Bernie

The Weakest Link Is Better than the Greatest Memory: The Importance of Documenting Work Processes

Gerald Sheppard

The author recomends a way to document your work processes to improve quality and reduce the time to build a guitar. With 3 annotated photos.

process; documentation

Classical Modernity — Mike Menkevich

Carl Kaufmann

Mike Menkevich builds mostly classical guitars, but has under construction a harp guitar, a harpsicord, and a Baroque guitar. This Guitarmaker interviewed him to explore the lessons Menkevich draws from Classical guitar making. With 14 photos.

guitar, nylon string; guitar, harp; bracing; interview; Menkevich, Mike; biography

Guitar Acoustics & the Catgut Acoustical Society

Even Davis

Starts with an overview of Catgut Acoustical Society (CAS) articles on Guitar Acoustics, and ends with a chronological listing of guitar related papers. CAS is primarily interested in the violin, but they do discuss guitars; covers up to November 1999. Reprinted from CAS.

acoustics; Catgut Acoustical Society

Jigs to Cut the Curvature of Braces

Sylvan Wells

A method for cutting a curve in braces by forcing the brace stock to a curve, then cutting a straight line on the tablesaw The relaxed brace will assume the desired curve. With 7 photos.

tools, jig; bracing

A Benchtop Thickness Sander

Mike Rossen

A simple thickness sander using a motor, a 3-inch drum sander and aluminum bar stock. Author uses the sander for nuts, saddles, bridge blanks, and other small parts. With 5 photos.

tools, shop-built

Building Adjustable Archtop Bridges

Rolfe Gerhardt

Step instructions for producing two-piece adjustable mandolin bridges. The process is applicable to archtop bridges as well. With 14 photos.

guitar, archtop; bridge; tools, jig; mandolin

“ASIA is an organization where you not only grow your skills, but grow your extended family. I have met so many wonderful, knowledgeable people through this organization.” ~Michael Dickinson, Martin Guitar