Guitarmaker Issue 43

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Back in the Shop: Guitarmaker Shop Circa 1925 and 2001

Split view of a guitar factory from 1925 and one from 2001.


ASIA Workbench

Rick Davis

Call for new members, why the symposium will change venues for 2003, suggestion for creating a CDROM of member's work. A lengthy article on the Music Maker Relief Foundation, an nonprofit dedicated to helping pioneers and forgotten heroes of southern musical traditions. A recommendation for "The Ragtime Ephemeralist."

ASIA; symposium; event

ASIA Letters

Rob Shoemaker, Linda Manzer

Shoemaker disagrees with an article in issue 42 that implied Autocad is the only relevant CAD program and recommends two easier alternatives. Manzer responds to "sexist" language in Ervin Somogyi's article in issue 42.


ASIA Members

Andre Sandi, John Catches

Santi introduces herself and shares 2 photos of her latest electric guitar. Catches introduces himself and shares a photo of himself and 2 photos of a guitar in progress.


Remembering Scott Chinery

Bob Benedetto, Bill Comins, Theo Scharpach, Steve Grimes, Linda Manzer

Each author reminisces about renound guitar collector and luthier benefactor. With 2 photos.


25 Years and all that Jazz: Borys Guitars

Bio of Roger Borys and his opinion (positive) on laminated archtop guitars.With 2 photos.

biography; guitar, archtop

Laminatint Archtop Plates with Borys

28 captioned photos of Borys making a laminated archtop body.

guitar, archtop

The Killer Banjo

Steve Reynolds

Design and construction of a maple 5-string electric "banjo" with humbuckers and a Bigsby vibrato tailpiece. With 4 photos.

banjo; guitar, electric

The Electric-Acoustic

Allen Beardsell

Beardsell discuss the benefits of his carved archtop, solid body electric-acoustic guitar. With 3 photos.

guitar, electric

Articulating Spray Arm

Sheldon Dingwell

Dingwall explains the design and construction of his fixture for holding a guitar during spray finishing. With 7 photos.

tools, shop-built; tools, jig

Ask Dr. Dovetail

Rick Davis

Funny letters to the editor and his funnier answers.


CAD & Lutherie, Part II: Designing the Outline of a Guitar Body

R.M. Motolla

Mottolla uses DeltaCad to design an acoustic guitar body outline. He also discusses using scripts for automating things like drawing a fretboard. With 13 screen shots.


Building a Humidity Booth

Neil Harrel

Harrell describes the inexpensive humidity-controlled booth in his shop. With 4 photos.


Static Cling: Non-Adhesive Pick Guards

Gerald Sheppard

Sheppard uses vinyl cling film from a sign shop to make temporary, replaceable pick guards. With 1 photo.

pick guard

A Simple Idea

Grit Laskin

Laskin uses a low pressure air hose strapped to his finger to keep his cutting line visible. With 2 photos.


My Favorite Thing

Rich Mermer

Mermer describes how he makes his signature turquoise-chip rosettes. With 3 photos.

inlay; rosette

My Favorite Tool

Julius Borges

Borges extolls the virtues of gage blocks for setting out nut-slot spacing. With 5 photos.

tools, hand; nut

Installing a Charlie Christian Pickup

Chip Wilson

Wilson, a Charlie Christian fan describes the merits (and limitations) of the unique Charlie Christian pickup, then proceeds to install it in a custom archotp from Heritage Guitars. With 4 photos.

pickup; electronics; guitar, archotp; Christian, Charlie


Rick Davis

Davis finds that Microplanes work well and speed shaping of guitar necks. With 5 photos.

tools, hand

Schneider Chisel

Jay Hargreaves

The author reviews and recommends the Schneider Glue-Clearing Chisel. With 2 photos.


Dangerous Curves

Rick Davis

Davis reviews the museum catalog from Boston Museum of Fine Arts "Dangerous Curves" art-guitar exhibit. Although not a lutherie book, he recomends it to anyone who "aspires to make instruments that are also great art." With 1 photo.


Measures of Success

Gerald Sheppard

Sheppard discusses the human side of business with regard to personal success, motivation and satisfaction. He covers topics such as integrity, winning atitude, initiative, discipline, focus, leadership, and long-term thinking.


Luthier Guilds on a Local Level

Neil Harrel

The author tells how and why he started the Midwest Luthiers Guild, how it works today, and how you can start a local group of your own. With 5 photos and a short list of local/regional groups.


“ASIA is an organization where you not only grow your skills, but grow your extended family. I have met so many wonderful, knowledgeable people through this organization.” ~Michael Dickinson, Martin Guitar