Guitarmaker Issue 95

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Front Cover

Evan Gluck

Gibson 335 expertly repaired by Evan Gluck. Details on page 13.

From the Director

Alton Acker

Acker asks readers to submit articles for the magazine and shows off several of the special-purpose tools he as collected over the years.

tools, hand; tools, shop-built

Re-Top of an O-16 NY Without Disturbing the Original Binding

Steven Kovacik

Kovacik expertly repairs an ailing O-16 NY by replacing the soundboard while leaving the binding intact. Great detail. With 25 step photos.

repair; soundboard

Les Paul Cracked Neck Mummification

Nate Clark

Clark repairs a cracked neck with hide glue. With 12 step photos.

repair; neck

How Much Glue Do You Need?

Steve Smith

Smith shows a way to calculate how much glue is required for a joint.


Miscellaneous Photos

Alton Acker

Acker shares some info from his personal archives, of friends and a shop remodel. With 2 photos.

Don’t Be Clever, but Don’t Be Stupid

Evan Gluck

Gluck makes the case that some guitars, notably hollow body and semi-hollow body electrics, are hard to repair because the electronics are inacessible. Then he pleads with contemporary builders to think about repairability when designing a guitar. With 2 photos illustraiting good vs. bad design principles.

repair; guitar, electric

Building the Radial Rosette Maker

Eric Schaefer

Schaefer details a method to make and install radial-grain wooden rosettes. With 38 step photos and 1 drawing.

tools, jig; tools, shop-built; rosette

Electric Setups and Frets

Evan Gluck and Erick Coleman

Coleman and Gluck set up an electric guitar at the 2015 symposium and answer a multitude of questions. The end of the workshop was not recorded, but this article still includes a wealth of information. With 2 photos.


Report from the ASIA Symposium 2015

Chris Herrod

Herrod writes about his entertaining and educational experiences at 9 symposiums including the one from 2015. He is now a member of the ASIA board.

ASIA; symposium

Luthery Art: Year of the Hands

Paul Chase

Chase describes 5 of his guitar sculptures that prominently feature players’ hands. With 5 photos.

“ASIA is an organization where you not only grow your skills, but grow your extended family. I have met so many wonderful, knowledgeable people through this organization.” ~Michael Dickinson, Martin Guitar