Guitarmaker Issue 83

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Front Cover

Bruce Petros

Bruce Petros’ original design parlor guitar played by Macyn Taylor in period dress.

guitar, parlor

From the Director

Alton Acker

Bear mentions his love for the set of Martin Guitar books by Richard Johnston, Dick Boak, and Mike Longworth, as well as Ron Hock’s book “The Perfect Edge.” After an invitation to attend Symposium 2013, he discusses his switch to hot hide glue. With 1 Photo.

The Petros Parlor Guitar

Bruce Petros

Petros starts with a brief history of the parlor guitar then proceeds to discuss the development and making of his very personal design. The article goes into considerable detail and includes 23 photos.

Domestic Woods Make Fine Guitars

Bob and Mary Lou Grammann

Bob Grammann is a devoted user and champion of domestic woods. In this article, he details his creation called the “Rappahannock,” made of (American) sycamore and persimmon. With 4 photos.

The Modular Electric Guitar & Acoustic Compound Tensile Effect

Mark Hendrickson

Hendrickson describes his invention of the modular electric guitar, particularly the ability of his modular neck to excite a resonant body acoustically. This allows the modular guitar to be a true electric or acoustic. With 2 photos.

guitar, acoustic; guitar, electric

Fledgling Luthier

Jack Clark

Clark shares his mehod for preparing the angled end of a headplate veneer. Then he discusses how he was “blown away” by his purchase of a particular carbide-tipped resaw blade. With 8 photos.

tools, power; review; tools, shop-built; tools, jig

Fledgling Luthier Showcase

Jack Clark

Acoustic guitars of Michael Hasty. With 8 photos.


Adjusting a Locking Nut

Nate Clark

Step-by-step procedures for adjusting a locking nut on an Ibanez 7-string. With 13 photos.

guitar, electric; repair

Symposium 2013 Schedule & Information

Alton Acker


Shop Fox Edge Sander

Bob Mizek

Mizek reviews the Shop Fox W717 Edge Sander. He modified it to better suit a luthier’s needs. If you are considering an edge sander, be sure to read this for tips on what to look for. With 6 photos.

review; tools, power

MacRostie Binding Trimmer

Bob Mizek

Mizek believes this binding trimmer jig, sold by Stew-Mac, is a wise investment for accurately preparing binding. With 4 photos.

review; tools, power


Nadine Nichols, Harley Spier, Markus Warner

Nichols asks the whereabouts of two ASIA life members who have moved but didn’t provide a new mailing address. Speir offers up a downed Norway spruce and Warner is looking for a luthier to build an aluminum body guitar in the shape of a bat.

“ASIA is an organization where you not only grow your skills, but grow your extended family. I have met so many wonderful, knowledgeable people through this organization.” ~Michael Dickinson, Martin Guitar