Guitarmaker Issue 84

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Front Cover

Charlie Anglemire

Charlie Anglemire’s “Old Uke 5”


From the Director

Alton Acker

Bear writes about his recent switch to hot hide glue and neck block orientation (with or perpendicular to the sides’ grain).

Building My First Dreadnought Guitar

Marcel Herbert

Herbet gets bit with by the luthier bug and dives headlong into two classes by Dave Nichols at Custom Pearl Inlay - inlay and building a guitar. With 17 photos.

guitar, steel string; school

Stratocaster Restoration

Brian Howard

Howard restores a Stratocaster body by routing out the center third, replacing it with a matching piece of alder and rerouting all the cavities. With 16 photos.

guitar, electric; repair

Interview with Andreas Metaxas

Kevin Austin

Cypriot Metaxas talks about his custom hand-built guitars and the challenges of being a luthier in Cyprus. Two of his customers weigh-in on his guitars. With 6 photos.

guitar, electric; interview; biography

Charlie Anglemire: CF Martin Production Worker and Hobby Instruent Builder

Steven Kovacik

Kovacik documents three unique instruments by Anglemire. The guitar and mandolin both have double soundboards and double sides with clock key adjustable necks. Outstanding workmanship. With 23 photos.

guitar, steel string; ukulele; mandolin; history

Fledgling Luthier Meets Marquetry

Jack Clark

Clark enlists the aid of marqueterian neighbor Lee Doehring to build a ukulele in homage to Ervin Somogyi's Andamento guitar. With 14 photos.

inlay; ukulele

The Carvewright CNC System

Bob Mizek

Mizek finds a budget CNC machine to be useful while working around its limitations. With 8 photos.

review; cnc; cad

Repairing Poor Factory Fretwork

Nate Clark

Clark details a budget-oriented solution to fixing frets on imported guitars. With 12 photos.


“ASIA is an organization where you not only grow your skills, but grow your extended family. I have met so many wonderful, knowledgeable people through this organization.” ~Michael Dickinson, Martin Guitar