Guitarmaker Issue 72

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Front Cover

Scott MacDonald

Scott MacDonald’s custom 9-string cutaway guitar in Claro walnut and western redcedar

From the Director

Alton Acker

Bear talks about issues he faces getting fresh and exciting material for each issue of Guitarmaker. Also notes several corrections from previous magazines. With 2 photos.

symposium; event; errata; guitarmaker

Restoration of a 1920 Dyer Style 7 Harp Guitar Part II

Don Druckenbrodt

Druckenrodt finishes his huge undertaking of restoring a harp guitar. Part 1 is in issue 67, or you can see it at Nite Owl Guitars. With 39 photos.

guitar, harp; repair

Device for Routing Back Curvature

Wouter Pothoven

Pothoven constructs a jig for routing a compound curve in the back of a guitar's ribs. With 3 illustrations and 4 photos.

tools, jig; tools, shop-built

Luthier’s spotlight

Harry F. Eibert

Bio of Eibert and photos of his guitars. With10 photos.


Fledgling Luthier on Clamps

Jack Clark

It is not possible to have too many clamps. Clark tells us what to do with all the clamps we've collected and makes us wish we had more. With 10 photos.

tools, hand

Fledgling Luthier Showcase

Jack Clark

Clark introduces us to Keith Allen and his guitar hobby. With 5 photos.

Meeting the Makers

Alton Acker

Acker approves of John Fellman's book on “Minnesota's Finest Guitar Builders.” Primarily a book of photography, it is a stunning treatment of instruments, their makers, and their shops. With 1 photo.


Cover Shots: 9-String Guitar

Scott MacDonald

Description and photos of the cover guitar. With 7 photos.

ASIA Summit

Scott MacDonald

MacDonald attends the first meeting of the new ASIA Board of Directors and reports that we are in good hands. With 9 photos.


Blues Creek Bendin Machine and Body Molds Review

Bob Mizek

Mizek heartily recomments Blues Creek’s bending machine kit. With 4 photos.

review; tools, jig

Rickenbacker 4001 Bass Truss Rod Repair

Erick Coleman

Coleman removes a damaged truss rod, rethreads it, and replaces it to restore this Rick to playability. With 10 photos.

repair; guitar, bass


Dan Baker

Baker, a Hank Wiliams fan, gets his Taylor Big Baby signed at the Hank Williams Museum in Montgomery Alabama. With 3 photos.

Guitarmaker’s Connection: A Money Saver for the Novice Guitar Maker

Don Lombardi

Lombardi visits Martin Guitar’s shop for luthier supplies. He gives us some history and a tour. With 8 photos and 2 drawings.

Does Glue Hardness Affect the Tone of Musical Instruments?

Tim McKnight

McKnight performs scientifc testing on the hardness of 8 glues used in lutherie.You’ll have to read the article to find the answer to the titular question. With 4 photos and 1 illustration.


Headstock Repair

Kim Griffin

Griffin repairs a twice-broken Les Paul. He reinforces the joint with custom made biscuits so he won't have to repair it again. With 3 photos.


“ASIA is an organization where you not only grow your skills, but grow your extended family. I have met so many wonderful, knowledgeable people through this organization.” ~Michael Dickinson, Martin Guitar