Guitarmaker Issue 54

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Front Cover

Paul Woolson

Cover photo of Paul Woolson’s Sapele and redcedar guitar (more photos in the Eye Candy section).

guitar, steel string

From the Editor

Jim Samuel

Samuel celebrates finishing four magazines on time in 2005. He asks for contributions and comments.


From the Director

Bill Moll

Moll describes some changes to the Guitarmaker magazine (such as the publishing schedule) and how they affect readers and advertisers. With 1 photo.


Smoke and Mirrors - Part 3

Harvey Leach

Leach wraps up his series on inlay with details on how he achieves realism in his work. With 8 photos.


Two Tim McKnight OM-D Guitars

Tim McKnight

1 photo each of McKnight's bubinga and hickory OM-D guitars.

guitar, steel string

Paul Woolson Steel String Guitar

Paul Woolson

3 photos of Woolson’s quilted sapele and redcedar guitar. The same guitar is also featured on the front cover.

guitar, steel string

Guitar: An American Life

Ervin Somogyi

Long and detailed review of “Guitar: An American Life” which combines the building of a Rick Davis guitar with a general history of guitars in America. Bottom line, Somogyi says you have to get it! With 1 photo.

review; book

Clapton's Guitar: Watching Wayne Henderson Build the Perfect Instrument

Jim Samuel

Review of this book which describes Henderson as a man as well as a luthier, and his process for building guitars. With 2 photos.

review; book

CNC Router Cuts Development Time

Rick Dodge

Dodge switches to a CNC router to build their modular electric guitars. With 4 photos.

tools, power, CAD, CNC

Avoiding the Wintertime Blues

Neil Harrel

How changes in humidity affects guitars and their setups.


Proportional Mathematics and the Aesthetics of Design

Bill Moll

Moll discovers that good design often uses mathematical principles whether the designer knows it or not. Discusses the golden section, Fibonacci numbers, and other numerical series. With 1 photo.


Guy Clark: Singer, Songwriter, Guitarmaker

Jim Samuel

Clark is primarily a singer songwriter, but has built a number of guitars. He prefers hand tools and no finish. With 5 photos.


Frivolous Tax Arguments for Luthiers and Others

David Bland

Bland proves that you do, indeed, have to pay income tax, and advocates the services of a C.P.A to help you do it.


From the Web-Geek

Paul Dempsey

Using the Guitarmaker online member gallery. With 5 screen shots


Top Woods: Making the Grade

Brent Cole

What tonewood grades really mean. With 4 photos.


“ASIA is an organization where you not only grow your skills, but grow your extended family. I have met so many wonderful, knowledgeable people through this organization.” ~Michael Dickinson, Martin Guitar