Guitarmaker Issue 48

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The Repair Issue

Cover photo: repairing a bridge.


ASIA Workbench

Rick Davis

Thank you to Judy Threet and Ren Ferguson for serving on the board. A call to recruit new members and a reminder about the Guitarmaker online forum.


Bridge Saddle Stuff

Dan Erlewine

An approach to cutting an intonated, accurate saddle slot using the Stewart-MacDonald Saddle Routing Jig. With 19 Photos.

repair; bridge; tools, jig

Bridge Pins

Dan Erlewine

An approach to fitting bridge pins into a new bridge and bridge plate. With 26 photos.

bridge; repair

Patching Holes in Spruce

Frank Ford

The author patches two small screw holes in a spruce soundboard. He uses small gouges and a scrap of matching spruce to make a nearly invisible repair. With 22 photos.

repair; tools, hand

Strat Pickguard Rout

Dan Erlewine

Make a template for custom wooden pickguards. Start by gluing together three thin plastic pickguards... With 9 photos.

repair; tools, jig; pick guard

Dan's Quick Jack

Frank Ford

Make a small jack for regluing loose braces, etc. Start with a miniature quick-grip clamp… With 11 photos.

repair; tools, hand

Bench Clamps

Frank Ford

A method for repairing a mandolin that has sprung apart. With 9 photos.

repair; mandolin; tools, jig

World's Smallest Guitar

The world's smallest electric guitar carved out of silicon and no longer than a single cell. The perfect travel guitar? With 1 photo.


Inside Calton Cases

Poul Lassen

History, operation, and a shop tour of Calton Cases in Canada. With 15 photos. This article is reprinted in Issue 73.

factory; case

The Guitar of Life

Rich Mermer

The authour and a pack of Cub Scouts build a guitar which will be donated to Guitars for Life. Guitars for Life sponsor fund-raising concerts for children with rare and life-threatening illnesses. With 5 photos.

sales; charity

Motorized Rim Sander

Tim McKnight

Build a motorized sander with interchangeable dished disks. With 8 photos

tools, shop-built

Low-Budget Photo Studio

Frank Ford

Frank Ford proves that you can create an effective photo studio in the smallest of spaces with the smallest of investment. Can 25,000 photos be wrong? With 15 photos.


Pattern Routing

Edwin Laetz

The author demonstrates inlaying a segmented rosette with a Whiteside inlay kit that consists of a router bit, template guide and offset bushing. With 6 photos.

tools, jig; inlay

Guitar Art

Rick Davis

Review of A Guitarmaker's Canvas, Martin Guitar Masterpieces, and Art that Sings, three books that focus on art, design, and decoration of guitars.


Tax Tips for Luthiers

David Bland

A condensed discussion of 2003 tax law changes that might affect your business.


“ASIA is an organization where you not only grow your skills, but grow your extended family. I have met so many wonderful, knowledgeable people through this organization.” ~Michael Dickinson, Martin Guitar