Guitarmaker Issue 30

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Traditional Tamburitza Folk Instruments

Milan Opacich


Tom Lockwood, Marty Lanham, Tony Ryan, Charles Nelson, Bill Gee

American Acoustic is grateful for the coverage in issue 29 and has a new address With 1 photo. Lanham rebuts comments in issue 27 regarding Nashvill being a poor climate to build guitars. He believes humidity control is necessary in all parts of the country. Ryan, Nelson, and Gee send thanks for Guitarmaker.

Guitarmaker; process

New Members

Jeff Garden, Jim English, Gabriella Carlino

Garden becomes a new member and gives his bio. English, a Gretsch fan describes his love affair with their guitars and shares his building history (with 6 photos). Carlino, from Sicily gives her bio (with 2 photos).


Members' Spotlight

John Castronuove

Castronuove gives his bio.


Positions Wanted

Thomas Budke, Roger Barnhart, Alan O'Connel

Budke seeks employment in the business end of guitarmaking while O'Connell and Barnhart look for apprenticeships. EVD Stringed Instruments announce a 2-year apprenticeship program.


Help Wanted

Chuck Ogsbury

Ogsbury offers an opportunity at OME Banjos. Luthier's Mercantile, American School of Luthereie, and Tom Ribbecke announct the Healdsvill Guitarmaker Festival.


The Tamburitzas

Milan Opacich

In this detailed article, Opacich describes the tamburitza family of Slavic instruments. They cover a wide range similar to the early mandolin family. Includes history of the instrument, its music and players, and a certain amount of information on building the instrument. Did you know that Bozo Podunovac started as a Tamburitza builder? With 17 photos.


The Phoenix Guitar Company

George Leach

Pheonix specializes in a nylon string OM with a narrow neck like a steel string. Leach tells why this has helped him succeed in business and provides information on how he builds them. With 10 photos.

guitar, nylon string; business; guitar, OM; toosl, jig; tools, power

Jim "Rick" Rickard - In Memoriam

Rich Starkey, Calamity Starkey, Henry Stocek

Each author shares his/her personal recollections of Rickard, who was well respected for his work in guitar and musical string design and quality. With 3 photos (and another one on the back cover.


Guitarist Jacque Stotzem

Phillippe Collard, Sylvanie Evrad

Interview with guitar player Stotzem who shares his opinion on guitars, builders, pickups, amplifiers, and setup. With 1 photo.

biography; interview

Marketing Panel - Symposium '95 Part II

Jay Hodtetler, Bob Taylor, Dana Bourgeois, Steve Henderson, Richard Hoover, Stan Werbin, Bob Benedetto

Second part of a very enlightening panel discussion on marketing. Told from the perspective of large manufacturers to small hand builders, topics range from past and future market trends, business plans, exporting, price calculation, advertising, distributing/wholesaling/selling direct, how to find your niche and do on. This comprehensive discussion is not to be missed (if you want to make any money). You need to also see Part I in issue 29.

business; sales

On Succeeding in Lutherie

Bob Benedetto

Benedetto follows up the panel discussion with some advice geared towerd beginning luthiers. With 1 photo.

business; sales

Leeds Guitarmakers' Workshop Opens

Bill Bumpiano and Ivan Schmukler open a guitar making school in Westerm massachussetts.


ASL Announces Summer Calendar

Course calendar for the American School of Lutherie.


Shop Tooling

Bob Taylor

Taylor gives a detailed explanation of how they replace a guitar top without destroying the binding. You can too if your hands are steady. With 16 photos.


Running the Business

Cathy Currier

Currier discusses pros and cons of becoming a factory authorized warranty repair center.

business; repair

Sound Advice

Michael Dresdner

Second part (of 2) of Dresdner's discussion on the scientific method and his example of determining a solution for glue/adhesives problems. With 4 illustrations..

glue; process

The Luthier's Workbench

Bryan Galloup

Repairing a broken peghead when the peghead is still heald on by the veneer overlay. (See issue 31 for a tougher repair on a neck that is broken in two.) With 13 photos.


Jim "Rick" Rickard

Back cover photo of the late Rick Rickard.

“ASIA is an organization where you not only grow your skills, but grow your extended family. I have met so many wonderful, knowledgeable people through this organization.” ~Michael Dickinson, Martin Guitar