Guitarmaker Issue 23

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Grit Laskin Ilay "The Window"

Grit Laskin


William E. Daugherety III, Robin Kay Graning, Douglas Baldwin, Cern Karan

Let's Get Down to Business

John Calkin

Member's Spotlight&George Leach

George Leach

Member's Spotlight&David Freeman

David Freeman

Member's Spotlight&Maurice Summerfield

Maurice Summerfield

Member's Spotlight&Scott Zimmerman

Scott Zimmerman

Member's Spotlight&Michael Kemnitzer

Michael Kemnitzer

Member's Spotlight&Tom Thiel

Tom Thiel

Crystalac Waterborn Lacquer

Dan Hoffman

Pin Routing Jig for Bridges

Kent Everett

Finishing Techniques for Stringed Instruments

Dan Erlewine, Don MacRostie

Obituary: Ciacomo Leoni

George Manno

Grapelli Buys Benedetto Violin

The 1993 Peter's Valley Guitarmaking Course

George Leach

An Interview with Les Paul

Dennis Baxter, Dick Boak

The John McLaughlin Commission

Abe Wechter

J.R. Zeidler: A spotlight on the Uniqueness, Diversity, & Quality of a Philadelphia Luthier

Hal Lewis

New Cedar Topped Acoustic Bass from Breedlove Guitars

Breedlove Guitars

Anatomy of an Inlay

Grit Laskin

Performers Unplug for NAMM "Inner Circle" Concert

Job Listings

Silas Kopf

New Santa Cruz Model

Santa Cruz Guitar Company

Widget Report

Michael Lewis

Making Master Guitars

The Vox Story: A Complete History of the Legend

Passage from India

Aralnathan Dominic Xavier

A guitarmaking enthusiast in India wants to go pro and seeks an apprenticeship.

ASIA Business

The by-law amendment and Plan for Implementation passes. Ballots were provided with issue 21.

ASIA Guitarmaker's Banquet & Concert Planned for '94 NAMM

All ASIA members are cordially invited to attend.

Mark Campellone Headstock, Dave Freeman Cutaway, J.R. Zeidler Headstock

Mark Campellone, Dave Freeman J.R. Zeidler Headstock

“ASIA is an organization where you not only grow your skills, but grow your extended family. I have met so many wonderful, knowledgeable people through this organization.” ~Michael Dickinson, Martin Guitar