Guitarmaker Issue 7

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Neck Detail of a Custom Schoenberg Soloist with Headstock Inlay Designed by Dana Bourgeois


Don Alfieri, Robert Benedetto, Dick Kenfield, Gary Lea

Member's Spotlight—The Bold Strummer

Nicholas Clarke

Member's Spotlight—Dennis Mastin

Dennis Mastin

Member's Spotlight—William Eaton

William Eaton

Member's Spotlight—Mark Stanley

Mark Stanley

Member's Spotlight—William Cumpiano

William Cumpiano

Member's Spotlight—William "Grit" Laskin

Grit Laskin

Mario Maccaferri offers Plastic Violin Recital at NYC’s Carnagie Hall

Dick Boak

Frankfurt Musikmesse

Dick Boak

Boak Promoted

Dick Boak

Earth Day 1990

Dick Boak

Cardinal O'Conner Deals Heavy Metal Blows

Dick Boak

Education Committee Report

William Cumpiano

Certification of Repair Persons

David Vincent

Mark Dronge

Yuri Dmitrievsky


Joint Canadian - American Design Project

Steve Klein

Drawing of a guitar combining Steve Keein Aesthetics with a Linda Manzer Picasso string count. With 1 drawing and 2 photos.

Paul Reed Smith

Transcribed by Wiliam Cumpiano

Talk transcribed from 1989 Symposium



Classified Ads

Coming Events

Sadowski Elected to ASIA Board

Dick Boak

Syracuse Board Meeting Held

Dick Boak

Antonio de Torres. Guitarmaker—His Life and Work

Reviewed by Grit Laskin


The Last Word

Membership Application

“ASIA is an organization where you not only grow your skills, but grow your extended family. I have met so many wonderful, knowledgeable people through this organization.” ~Michael Dickinson, Martin Guitar