Guitarmaker Issue 92

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Front Cover

Jay Rosenblatt

Jay Rosenblatt’s Weissenborn guitar, in progress.

guitar, Hawaiian; guitar, Weissenborn

From the Director

Alton Acker

Teach your customers how to care for their instrument or plan to give them a lifetime of free maintenance.

Constructing a Weissenborn Lap Steel Guitar

Jay Rosenblatt

Rosenblatt takes us step by step in the construction of a fine koa lap steel guitar, including the making of authentic rope binding. With 55 photos (and 1 on the cover).

guitar, Hawaiian; guitar, Weissenborn

Vintage National Style O Neck Reset

Nate Clark

What is it like to work on a guitar that is half metal and half wood, fitted with shims, and held together with nails? Well, at least you don’t need steam to get the neck off. Clark gives a lot of detail about what it takes to do a neck reset on this National steel-body guitar. With 29 photos.

guitar, resophonic; repair

Kalamazoo Copper

Paul Chase

Nothing to do with the Michigan police force, but Chase turns an unidentified archtop into playable art by painting the body black and embellishing the headstock, pickguard, and bridge with copper. With 6 photos.

guitar, archtop

Understanding Phasing in Electric Guitar Repair

Roger Sadowsky

If you wire guitar pickups out of phase (get the wires reversed) you will get a weak, thin sound. Sadowsky shows a clever but simple way to determine phasing using nothing more than an analog (old-fashioned) ohm meter. With 3 photos and 2 diagrams.

repair; guitar, electric

The Neck Reset and the Wild West

Greg Voros

Voros wants to dispel the myth that a neck reset negatively impacts the sound of a guitar. With 4 photos.

repair; guitar, steel-string

Saving a Slotted-Head Guitar Neck

Alton Acker

Acker finishes making a slotted-head neck that he started 35 years ago. In the interim, a new jig from LMI came out, but using that jig on this neck produced an interesting surprise. Read about the surprise and how Acker dealt with it. With 19 photos.

guitar, nylon-string

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