Guitarmaker Issue 86

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Front Cover

David O’Mara

David O’Mara shapes a guitar neck by hand.

From the Director

Alton Acker

Acker writes about the symposium auction then visits J.B. Alred, the man and the corporation, to see what they are cooking up in carbon fiber. With 1 photo.


Jigs and Fixtures for Guitarmakers, Part 1

Sylvan Wells

Wells describes, in great detail, jigs and techniques to produce braces, headstocks, and bridges. This is a wealth of knowledge from his 2013 symposium presentation. See issues 87 and 88 for more goodness. With 48 photos.

tools, jig; tools, shop-built; bridge; bracing

Building My First Guitar, Part 1

David O’Mara

O’Mara details his journey in building his first guitar. Along the way, he writes about his failures as well as his successes. He also lists the books and resources he used to guide him. In this installment he makes it to the point where he makes and glues in the kerfed lining. See issue 87 for part 2. With 24 photos.

guitar, acoustic

A Drill Press Auxiliary Table and Workbench

Jack Clark

Clark creates an oversize drill press table that doubles as an elevated multi-purpose workbench. He also praises the new Weverly friction ukule tuners and shows how he uses plasti-dip for go-bar tips. With 12 photos.

tools, shop-built; ukulele; tuner

ASIA Letters

Robbie Collins, Ernst R. Pozar, Mike Haney

New member Collins criticizes the lack of content in issue 85 and suggests improvements. Pozar praises the symposium and offers some suggestions for future events including a pickup forum. His friend Haney memorializes Phil Kubicki and his long career with Fender and his own company. With 2 photos of Kubricki.

symposium; pickup; memorial

Repairing a misplaced bridge

Nate Clark

Clark shows how to improve intonation by plugging and relocating the saddle slot. With 16 photos.

repair; bridge; guitar, steel-string; setup


Paul Chase

Chase sculpts guitar art from old barns, erector sets, stone and metal. This is a photo essay of his work with text on his other work in fine art, cd covers, wine labels, etc. With 10 photos.

The Battle of the Bulge

David Motley, Wes Lambe

Lambe restores a 1930’s Gibson Nick Lucas Special with a belly hump below the bridge. Trying to minimize changes, he added a support patch under the bridge and replaced a pair of added-on braces to rescusitate this old lady. With 7 photos.

repair; guitar, steel-string

Building a Precsion Temperature Controller for a Side Bender

Bert Berlin

Berlin uses a readily available PID controller and a solid state relay from to fashion a very accurate controller for a bending blanket, cost— around $50. He includes specific part numbers, usage and temperature suggestions. With 4 photos.

tools, shop-build; electronics

Resaw Fixture

Gary Hopkins

Hopkins shares his design for a bandsaw fence and featherboard that he uses for resawing back and side sets. With 4 photos.

tools, jig; tools, shop-built

“ASIA is an organization where you not only grow your skills, but grow your extended family. I have met so many wonderful, knowledgeable people through this organization.” ~Michael Dickinson, Martin Guitar