Guitarmaker Issue 80

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Front Cover

Jim McGuire

Doc Watson on the cover with Earl Scruggs on the overleaf.


Dedication to Doc Watson

Alton Acker

An obituary for Doc Watson.


From the Director

Alton Acker

Errata from issue 79, and an obituary for Earl Scruggs. With 1 photo.


The Hasty Removal of a Soundhole Pickup

Nate Clark

Clark repairs a soundhole that was damaged when the pickup was hastily removed. He keeps track of his time and shares the work minute-by-minute in this article. With 20 step photos.


Three Amigos Conversion

John Hall

Hall retops a trio of Martin Dreadnoughts, and appoints them as if they were 1937 D38s. He describes his hunt for authenticity and materials. Lots of detail here. With 43 photos.


Unique Projects in Lutherie

Jack Clark

Clark finishes a maple and walnut banjo.


Fledgling Luthier Showcase

Jack Clark

The guitars of Ed Kosmahl, including acoustic, archtop, and slide guitars and a mandolin. With 12 photos.


Hofner Neck Reset Part 1

Elliot John-Conry

John-Conry’s apprentice Adam found a 50s Hoffner that needed a neck reset. Here are all the details of that restoration in large detailed photos. With 17 photos. Get Issue 81 to see how John-Conry restores the pickups for his guitar.

repair; guitar, archtop

Woodstock Invitational Luthiers’ Showcase 2011

Alton Acker

Acker never misses this guitar show in New York. This year saw 50 exhibitors and 1500 attendees. With 8 photos.

Milling with a Very Young Machine Operator

Scott MacDonald

MacDonald repairs a mangled 12-string bridge by filling the bridge pin holes and string slots. Then he and his 13 year old sun milled the filling down with a vintage milling machine. MacDonald highly recommends working alongside the younger set. With 6 photos.


On the Matter of Advertising Slogans

Ervin Somogyi

Somogyi reimagines advertising slogans of several prominent makers. As is common with his writing, you are never completely sure he is joking.


“ASIA is an organization where you not only grow your skills, but grow your extended family. I have met so many wonderful, knowledgeable people through this organization.” ~Michael Dickinson, Martin Guitar