Guitarmaker Issue 79

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Front Cover

Wayne Henderson

Wayne Henderson on festival stage.

From the Director

Alton Acker

Errata, including Alain Moisan’s biography (from Issue 78). Acker also muses about luthiers who build instruments they can’t play, then performs an overture for the contents of Issue 79. With 1 photo.

errata; biography

John Monteleone at Trinity College Part 2

John Monteleone

Monteleone finishes his lutherie talk at Trinity college. Here he covers wood, side ports, glue, repair, finishing, and many other topics. Part of the article is in question/answer format. With 29 photos, including jigs and workshop space. See Issue 78 for the first part of this fascinating article.

ASIA Visits the Wayne Henderson Festival

Carl Kaufmann

Kaufmann attends the Henderson music festival in Virginia, but you will find great information here on Wayne Henderson—the man, his music, his guitars, and his philosophy on life, guitar building, and raising a new generation of musicians. With 14 photos.

A Simple Fingerboard Radius Jig

Jack Clark

Clark tells us how to build his fretboard radius router jig that can be adjusted to carve a wide variety of radii. With 9 photos.

Fledgling Luthier Showcase

Jack Clark

The work of Ohioan Ryan Gerber. Gerber tells the story of his dream come true, to meet and play with Phil Keaggy. With 6 photos.

ASIA Letters

Murray Kuhn, Corrie Woods, Will Somebody, David Lucas, Steve Fragale

Kuhn enlists guitar buyers’ help in stopping Rhino poaching by purchasing his specially-made guitar (with 1 photo). Woods thanks Guitarmaker for the artical on Lichty Guitars. Will offers two humorous photos: old man in the sanding disk and Martin OM frozen in carbonite. Lucas asks about electric guitars in Guitarmaker, and Bear answers him. Fragale thanks Dennis Merril for the Sonic Sitka Project.

Luthier Poem “Sotto Voce”

Bernie Lehman

It's a poem. Read it!

CITES/Lacey Workshop Q&A Discussion

Transcribed by Nadine Nichols

A transcription of the Q&A session folowing the CITES/Lacey presentaion from Symposium 2011. The Q&A articles continues in Guitarmaker 82. The presentation is in the special issue that comes with Guitarmaker 78.

Internet Guitar Auction Benefits ASIA

Steven Kovacik

Kovacik’s customer donated a guitar to be sold for ASIA’s benefit. The guitar netted $227. With 7 photos.

How To Tell If a Guitar Needs Adjustment

Alain Moisana

Most guitars today could benefit from an adjustment. Here is how to tell if yours is one of them. With 4 photos and 1 table.



Ken Parker

Ken Parker's latest archtop guitar. With 6 photos.

guitar, archtop

Compression Fretting 101

John Hall

Hall describes the technique of installing oversize frets to adjust the back bow of a guitar neck that doesn’t have a truss rod. With 7 photos.

repair; fret


Alton Acker

The correct website for Blues Creek Guitar on page 24 should be Michael Martynenko should have been named instead of Marty Montenegro in Bear's apology on page 2.


“ASIA is an organization where you not only grow your skills, but grow your extended family. I have met so many wonderful, knowledgeable people through this organization.” ~Michael Dickinson, Martin Guitar