Guitarmaker Issue 78

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Front Cover

John Monteleone

John Monteleone binding a mandolin peghead.

From the Director

Alton Acker

Acker encourages well-established luthiers to give back to the community and writes about the upcoming Lacey Special Edition of Guitarmaker. With 1 photo.


Visit to Kay Bass

Art Herbert

Herbert, wife, and friends pay a visit to Englehardt-Link, the direct descendent of Kay, where they get a personal tour of the facilities. Herbert describes the process Englehardt-Link uses to build their basses with the original Kay jigs. With 14 captioned photos.

bass, acoustic

John Monteleone at Trinity College Part 1

John Monteleone

Monteleone begins his talk at Trinity College. Here he talks about his history, how he started in luthiery, and his philosophy on guitar building and learning. Did you know that Monteleone's dad mistook his first guitar for firewood and burned it in the fireplace one Christmas, or that Monteleone was Mandolin Brothers first repairman? These just give you a taste of this fascinating presentation. With 40 photos of finished guitars and work in progress. See issue 79 for the riveting conclusion.

guitar, archtop

Breaking In a Guitar

Bill Tippin

How long does it take to break in a new guitar? Read what Tippin has to say on the subject.

Attacking the Scarf Joint

Jack Clark

Here is a tablesaw jig to help you cut an accurate scarf joint on your neck blank, and another to help you glue it together. With 9 photos.

tools, jig; tools, shop-built

Fledgling Luthier Showcase

Jack Clark

The electric guitars of Paul Matthew Fieman.

biography; guitar, electric

Just a Hobby Handed Down

Lynn Wiles

17 years ago, musician Wiles was asked to give his opinion on the first guitar built by Mel Wrangham (which he built at age 70). After offering his opinion to Mel for 17 years, Wiles now owns Wrangham’s tools and is building his own guitars. And he calls Mel for his opinion. With 3 photos.


Keeping a Professional Axe in Shape

Elliot John-Conry

In this article, John-Conry helps a Fender Nashville Tele with a factory installed Parsons-Green B-Bender stay in tune by removing all sharp edges where the string touches and lubricating moving surfaces. With 20 photos.

guitar, electric

New Luthier on the Block

Jay Lichty

Lichty Guitars is off to a great start thanks to a guitar building workshop by Wayne Henderson and the marketing skills of Lichty’s wife. With 10 photos and 1 drawing.


Finishing a Guitar

Bruce Herrmann

“Our finished instruments don’t just reflect the light that shines on them, they reflect the effort and skill we put into them, as much as any part of the building process.” Herrmann has written a broad-scoped article on finishing that will help your guitar accurately reflect your skill as a builder. With 2 photos.


Roots of Lutherie

Alton Acker

Humorous or sad, depending on how you look at it, this full-page photo of a “restoration” depicts a guitar being rebound (?) with a bare minimum of resources.

repair; humor


Alton Acker

Michael Martynenko was inadvertantly left off the list of presenters on the cover. There was no room for Alain Moisan's bio in this issue, so it is printed in issue 79 on page 1.


“ASIA is an organization where you not only grow your skills, but grow your extended family. I have met so many wonderful, knowledgeable people through this organization.” ~Michael Dickinson, Martin Guitar